Where to buy the Squid Game shoes everyone is looking for

7,800% . That is the percentage that the sale of ” The Squid Game shoes” has risen. Crazy. The phenomenon created by the series is such that everyone goes around like headless chickens looking for accessories or clothes that appear in the Netflix series. Among them, some sneakers, the simplest and simplest on the planet, which now touch the world is dying to wear. We tell you what brand they are and where you can buy them .

Where to buy the Squid Game shoes everyone is looking for

Vans are the shoes that are all the rage

It is not the first time that we talk about sneakers and television series. Many actors sometimes turn their wardrobe items into authentic icons that fans want to wear at all costs, and these types of shoes are one of the easiest elements to generate interest. Without going any further, with the success of Lupine, we all look at the Nike models that Omar Sy wears and many went crazy looking for them to imitate the style of the charismatic interpreter.

With The Squid Game, something similar is happening and that this time the shoe stands out precisely for its simplicity and sobriety, being very far from the proposals that usually attract attention. Specifically, we refer to the white sneakers worn by all the participants in the game, very basic slip-ons similar to Vans , a firm that has shot up its sales by 7,800%, according to the US supplier Sole Supplier. Searches for this model are also through the roof, with an increase of 97% if we pay attention to the data from the famous Lyst platform.

el juego del calamar

Specifically, the shoes that resemble those of the series are the Classic Slip-On in True White , low-cut Vans without laces, elastic sides and waffle sole (typical of the brand). The material in which they are made is 100% canvas and they have a price of 65 euros in the official store in Spain, although you can find them cheaper by searching the usual suppliers. For example, on Amazon you have them from approximately 40 euros (it will depend on the number, some have a 15% discount coupon).

We have also found as an alternative to this brand some Tommy Hilfiger, Essential Nautical Slip On model, although they are for women, having more limited and smaller numbers, and a slightly higher price.

So now you know: if you had fallen in love with this unisex model after seeing it on the Netflix series, both to dress them (they are very comfortable) and to dress up soon, you cannot say that you do not know where to find them.

The Squid Game, the Netflix phenomenon

If they had told the directors of Netflix a month ago, they would not have believed it – their word. The series The Squid Game continues to rise like foam in audience and occupying the covers of all media. So much so that its plot is the protagonist of many conversations, its actors are now known internationally and it is even expected to be the star theme of the upcoming Halloween parties.

El juego del calamar

What does this fiction have to have achieved such a phenomenon? Well, a perfect combination of suspense, very effective images (with its gore dot ) and that aura of Korean productions , thus resulting in a title that, except last minute surprise, will be placed on the next list of the most viewed series in the world. streaming service, also occupying the first place.

And you, have you seen The Squid Game ?