When can we do without Windows security patches?

Security is one of the sections that most software developers have today. This is something that is especially evident in a system of the power and importance of Microsoft‘s Windows , which is why the firm works especially on all of this.

Serve as a clear example that the most recent versions of the system that incorporate their own security solution, we refer to Windows Defender. This is an antivirus that, although many are not convinced, with the passage of time has earned the trust of millions of users. Therefore, the antivirus integrated in the system allows us to rule out the use of other external third-party solutions.

When can we do without Windows security patches

Another advantage that we find here, as you can imagine, is that we will be protected from the first moment we start working with our new computer. It must be taken into consideration that it is also developed by the same firm as the operating system, so it integrates seamlessly into it. But security is not only about having an antivirus installed, but we must also perform maintenance tasks. By this we mean that it is important that this software is correctly updated at all times.

This is something the Redmond firm handles directly, so it constantly sends updates and security patches for the operating system. We receive these through Windows Update periodically. however, there are certain situations or circumstances whereby we can or should dispense with these security patches.

Windows update

When conducting malware-related tests

There are certain users who professionally or out of curiosity, perform certain tests regarding the latest vulnerabilities and security flaws. As it is not difficult to imagine Windows is a good breeding ground for all this, so the more exposed the PC is in this specific case, the better the better.

That is why, if we dedicate ourselves to these tasks that we are commenting on, the need to install the latest security patches sent by Microsoft will not be necessary. At this point, it goes without saying that, if we want to have a properly protected computer, installing these elements is very important.

Problems with updates are reported

Due to their negative experience, many users already know that one of Microsoft’s main handicaps is updates. Despite being extremely important items, whatever their type, post-shipment problems are almost constant for some users . Whether due to incompatibility issues or poor development, some security updates and patches give more problems than solutions.

Precisely for all this, many users with some experience wait a few days before installing these patches and updates sent by the firm. In the case that concerns us in these lines, the security patches, the same thing happens. With this, what we want to tell you is that despite Microsoft’s insistence on installing as soon as possible, sometimes it is advisable to be patient. More if we have read reports about the problems that the most recent updates sent by the company have given.