What you should pay attention to when choosing your antivirus

Having an antivirus is important to maintain security when browsing the net. However, it is not enough to have any installed. In fact it can be even worse to have a bad security program. For this reason, in this article we want to give a series of tips for choosing the right antivirus that you are going to install. It does not matter if you are going to use it on a mobile or on a computer, since you should always have good protection.

What to look for when choosing an antivirus

pay attention to when choosing your antivirus

If you have come this far, it is because you doubt whether your antivirus is good or because you are thinking of installing one and you want the best. You will find many options available, but not all of them will adapt to what you really need. That is why it is convenient to choose very well which one you are going to install.

Depending on the type of device

The first thing to keep in mind is that not all devices are the same. Do not simply trust the name of the antivirus and install it on all your devices. What do we mean by this? Maybe a security program is great for Windows, but then its version for Android is very limited and doesn’t protect well.

Therefore, depending on which device you are going to install an antivirus on, it is a good idea to inform yourself. You can look at its positive points, opinions and experiences of other users, what features it has for the operating system where you are going to install it, etc.

Antivirus that is updated frequently

Of course, this point is very important. It is useless to have an antivirus that is not updated. That would mean that it will not be able to detect recent threats , which basically are going to be the most used by hackers to precisely take advantage of and access systems that are not so protected.

In addition, it is good that the antivirus is updated automatically. In this way we will avoid having to wait to install a new version. The program just automatically checks for updates and installs them. An example is banking malware, which is constantly updated.

Additional functions

Another factor to take into account is the possible additional functions that the antivirus has. For example, some may also have built-in firewalls. Others may have a browser extension and other features that will also come in handy in order to maximize security.

If you are going to install an antivirus, take a good look at what additional functions it has . Perhaps there is one that interests you to improve protection and have the most protected security possible on your computer or mobile.

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Tests carried out

This is overlooked by many users, but what better than to see public tests on the Internet where antiviruses are valued. What they do is test for malware and other attacks and see how each antivirus responds. So they can give an assessment and we can compare between the different security programs.

With these tests you can see things such as whether or not they detect the latest threats, whether or not they protect against Phishing attacks, how they help the security of a specific operating system, etc.

Don’t saturate the system

It is also necessary to mention possible problems and saturation that they can have in a system. What we want is for the antivirus to work as well as possible, to allow us to protect ourselves but without excessively reducing performance. There are some programs that will consume a lot of resources and affect the speed.

The ideal is to seek a balance between protection and functionality. It is important that the system works well, smoothly, but at the same time be protected and avoid computer attacks.

In short, these are some important factors that you should take into account if you are going to install an antivirus. The ultimate goal is to improve security, but for this you have to choose the right program to use.