What you should never do in Microsoft Teams

what you should never do in Microsoft Teams

There are several applications and platforms that Microsoft is betting heavily on at the moment. A clear example is found with what could be considered the substitute for Skype, we refer to Teams.

How could it be otherwise, its use has been seriously increased over the last few months due to the pandemic that is ravaging us at the moment. For those of you who do not know, we are talking about a multiplatform program that allows us to communicate in different ways with other users around the world, all in a virtual way. In this way we will have the possibility of conducting videoconferences or online meetings with all types of users.

Taking into account the extraordinary growth of this platform, the software giant is working to improve it and gradually adding new functions. This is something that it achieves based on its usual updates that improve and add useful features. From all this we will be the ones ourselves who will have to learn to get the most out of everything proposed here.

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Depending on the type of use that we are going to make of Teams, we can take advantage of some features and functions, or others. It must be taken into consideration that from this program we can make videoconferences with another user, group meetings, chat, etc.

This is why we can say that here we find a powerful solution suitable for individual users, companies, or for the education sector . However, there are certain actions that we should never carry out on this platform, as we will see below.

Ways to act to avoid in Teams

If there is something that characterizes this platform, it is being able to communicate with users from all over the world. However, one of the first things to avoid once we start working with this solution in most cases, is not to establish contact with strangers . This is something that is extended to all connection proposals sent as received. It should be mentioned that this is something that will prevent us in many cases from receiving unwanted information or images. In any case, we will always have the possibility, which we recommend, to use the contact blocking function.

At the same time, we should avoid uncontrolled access to the platform by the smallest of the house. This is something that we can do in different ways, either by setting filters through parental control or by blocking the use of the application. Regarding its operation, depending on the use we are doing at that time of the PC, or if we have an old computer, we should avoid keeping Teams running in the background .

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And this would mean that we could be receiving notifications periodically, in addition to suffering a high consumption of resources. Changing the third, as you can imagine, everything related to privacy and security in this program acquires a higher level. Therefore, not another of the sections that we should not carry out here is to give permissions to components that we are not going to use.

With all this what we want to say is that we do not activate unnecessary permissions to components such as the webcam, the microphone with our location.