What you need to watch Movistar Plus+ away from home even without mobile coverage

When the time comes, we may need to see some specific Movistar Plus+ content when we go on a trip. However, for many this will be a serious problem in the event that they do not have an Internet connection, be it WiFi or mobile data. The good side of all this is that there is an alternative that will help us at any time to see everything we want on the platform when we are away from home.

As you already know, we can see Movistar Plus+ on different devices, be it the phone or computer, or from the UHD Decoder itself. Well, there are a series of devices that will allow us to see the platform’s programming or any Movistar content when you don’t have a connection. Therefore, from now on, the fact that you have little mobile coverage or no Internet during your holidays will not prevent you from watching Movistar Plus+.

What you need to watch Movistar Plus+ away from home

The requirements you have to meet

When you are away from home and want to watch Movistar Plus+ you will have to have a compatible mobile or tablet. This will be the first point that we will have to fulfill. And, on those devices, we will have to install the Movistar Plus+ app. It is available for iOS and Android :

Make sure you have a connection for your download and enough space on your device. Well, now that we have it installed, we will have to register, if we were not already. In addition, you will have to activate your account for devices from this next Movistar page .

movistar plus lite movil

Finally, keep in mind that the last requirement that we must meet is that, in order to view content away from home when we do not have a connection, we will have to download it previously with Internet on our mobile or tablet. Therefore, before leaving home, you will have to download the Movistar Plus+ content connected to your home WiFi or with mobile data. Please note that there is certain content that will only allow us to play it and not download it for right of use reasons.

Download Movistar+ content

When downloading different titles from the operator’s platform, there is a maximum limit of 60 titles per month . Therefore, you will not be able to download more options if you exceed that limit set by the platform. Once this is understood, it is time to see how to download movies, series or programs from Movistar Plus + .

App movistar plus+

To do this, you will have to access it from the main menu of the app, you will find a “ To download ” section and if you tap on “See all”, you will be able to take a look at all the content that you will have available. Choose the one you prefer and click on the “ Download ” button. Remember to be connected to the Internet.

Now, if we already have the content and we go away from home, we will have to search for the specific series, movie or title that we have downloaded. To do this, we will have to go back to the app and follow these steps:

  • Let’s go to the My TV section.
  • Next, we tap on the My Downloads tab.
  • Inside you will find everything you have previously downloaded on the Movistar platform.
  • Click on the content and tap on play .