What you need to save a lot on your electricity bill

To save on the electricity bill you can take into account many things in your day to day. However, beyond big changes there are small gestures that can help you spend much less energy. In this article we are going to talk about it. We are going to show you how a single gesture, which you can apply to many devices in your day-to-day life, will save you money on your bills every month.

Small changes to save a lot of energy

What you need to save a lot on your electricity bill

Keep in mind that there are appliances and appliances that can consume a lot. For example, we are talking about air conditioning, heating, an oven, a dishwasher… But they are not the only ones that will consume energy and we can say that the sum of everything matters a lot. Therefore, controlling all your devices a little is going to be key.

change the temperature one degree

A gesture that can help you save a lot of energy is to control the temperature well . Simply going up or down a degree can save you significantly less on your electricity bill. You can apply this in the air conditioning, heating or even in the refrigerator. In many cases we have an incorrect temperature set.

For example, in the case of heating, each degree more can cause you to consume about 7% more. You don’t need to have it at more than 20-21 degrees. If you have it at 22 or 23, you will be wasting energy. If you can have it at 20, better. A similar case is that of air conditioning. In summer you do not need to have a temperature that is too low, so you can raise it until you are comfortable and not waste energy.

Regarding the refrigerator and freezer, something similar happens. Having the refrigerator at 5-6 degrees is enough, just as the freezer should not be less than -18 degrees. If they are at a lower temperature, you would be consuming in excess.

Turn off devices you don’t use

Another gesture that can save energy is to turn off everything you don’t use. Avoid leaving the television on Stand By, for example. Simply by having the red LED on, you will already be consuming some energy. In fact, it is estimated that over 10% of total spending is what is known as phantom consumption .

Simply by disconnecting the power strips or completely turning off some appliances, you will be able to use less energy. Try checking this out at home and see what you can turn off to spend less. You will notice it on the bill.

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Take advantage of residual heat

You can also take advantage of residual heat . Precisely when heating something is when more energy is consumed. For example when turning on an oven or heating. What you can do is take advantage of that consumed energy, that residual heat, and avoid consuming something you don’t really need in excess.

A clear example is the oven. Do not turn it off just when you are going to take out the food; Ideally, you should turn it off a little earlier, a few minutes, and take advantage of the residual heat that still remains. Of course, do not open the lid. You can do the same with heating: in this case, it consists of turning it off one or two hours before you go to sleep and not just when you go to bed.

Choose a lower consumption program

Today most household appliances have a low consumption program . It happens in the dishwasher, in the washing machine, in the dryer… It is a program that will consume fewer resources and, even if it takes longer to wash clothes, for example, it will be more efficient and consume less energy.

Whenever you can, choose the Eco program in the dishwasher, washing machine or dryer, to name a few examples. That small gesture will help you save on your electricity bill and pay less each month.

As you can see, some small gestures or changes can make you use less energy at home. Review everything you may be spending more on your home. You can always use home automation and smart plugs, if the Wi-Fi automatically connects well, to see consumption.