What will Windows 11 bring this year? Everything we know about 22H2

A few months ago, Microsoft surprised many with the launch of its new Windows 11 operating system. Later this year the firm will release a major update, 22H2, to add some important changes to the software, let’s see what we are going to find.

In fact, right now many users who have already migrated from Windows 10 to the new system are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the 22H2 or Sun Valley 2 update . The only thing we have to keep in mind is that here we are not going to find many new functions, but some changes of interest. Also, Microsoft will send us some new features that are trying to improve the operating system.

What will Windows 11 bring this year

Tools will improve with Windows 11 22H2

There are several elements included in the operating system itself that Microsoft is working to improve in Windows 11. Below we will show you the changes that we will be able to see here later this year.

  • Start Menu : Right now the Redmond firm is testing a new feature for the Start menu. This will allow pinning more applications or activities in the recommendations section of this element. In addition, we will soon be able to use this section to open the files on the Office web.
  • Taskbar – In this case Microsoft restores the ability to drag and drop objects here. This means that we will have the possibility to drag files to the applications pinned on the Taskbar or drag applications to create shortcuts.
  • Task Manager – 22H2 will revamp Task Manager with a new design based on Fluent UI and WinUI. Its internal operation will be very similar to the one we find at the moment with its corresponding Processes, Performance, Startup, etc. tabs. But there will be some changes like a sidebar to show processes and performance . In addition, its top bar shows the brand and name of the computer, and the CPU or RAM that is being used.
  • Windows Update and renewable energy : The Windows 11 update feature will attempt to install updates to reduce carbon emissions . This will be achieved by carrying out the process at times when there are more clean energy sources available.

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Changes in the design of the new operating system

On the other hand, in addition to everything related to the functionality of the system, the firm is also working on changing and optimizing the interface that we will find. Next, we will talk about the changes that you are going to find in this regard.

  • New Popups Layout – An improvement is in the works for the layout of indicators for things like sound and brightness. At the same time, the media controls that appear on the lock screen when playing music also have a new look. This change is in line with Microsoft’s vision for WinUI . These controls will use a dark theme to complement the rest of the lock screen’s visual style.
  • Window Changes – In turn, the experience is improved by resizing application windows . This is achieved by overlaying the corresponding app icon over the background. And it is that some windows are using this adjustment assistant when changing the size and layout of it.