What type of spike should be used to reset the router or switch?

Home routers and managed switches have a small RESET button to restore the device to factory settings, in order to be able to reconfigure it from scratch in case of problems. This RESET button is not in an accessible place, so that we do not accidentally press it and restore the device with the default parameters. In order to reset these devices, we must use some type of clip or tool to hold it down, since they are in a small hole that is difficult to access. Today in this article we are going to show you what we use to reset any type of device.

What can I use to hold RESET

What type of spike should be used to reset the router or switch

The RESET button is built into all home routers, managed switches, and any other devices like NAS servers. This button allows us to restore the equipment to factory settings, in order to re-enter it and configure it again from scratch. This button is very dangerous if it is pressed by mistake, since we will be without service until the equipment restarts correctly, and we can reconfigure it. For this reason, manufacturers put this RESET button inside a small hole, therefore, we cannot press it directly with our finger, but we have to use certain tools to be able to do it.

There are some manageable routers or switches where the hole is large enough to insert the typical wooden stick , we must bear in mind that it is not only worth pressing it, but we must keep it pressed for a few seconds, depending on which device we have in hand. Unfortunately, however, there are other devices where this hole is very small, so the typical wooden toothpick is useless.

Instead we have to use the typical correctly placed clip for this purpose, therefore this clip can no longer be used for its original function. The negative part of using a clip is that we will have to bend it properly to put it straight, and then insert it into the hole and press the RESET button for a few seconds. In addition, its use is somewhat uncomfortable because we will have to exert force on a specific area of the clip, and it may be somewhat difficult to catch it.

We have been using a SIM tray extractor for smartphones for many years, we must bear in mind that with each smartphone we buy there is a kind of “clip” with a pointed end, and which is held in the hand really well, to be able to exercise the force required to remove the SIM tray. However, this tool can also be used perfectly to reset any device, because the tip is really fine, ideal if we have a very small reset hole.

In the event that you do not know where you have put it, you can always buy a pack of 10 extractors for less than 4 euros:

Thanks to this simple tool that we all have at home (because we all use smartphones), we will be able to reset our router easily and quickly, without having to bend a clip and not be able to use it anymore, nor use the typical toothpick. wood that often does not fit in the hole.