What to give for Christmas if you are a Star Wars fan

give for Christmas if you are a Star Wars fan

Many people think that giving a gift to a Star Wars fan is easy, but they are wrong. Most fans of the George Lucas saga have their houses full of ships and figurines, so even if new movies are released with new characters, droids and ships, our gift will become one more element of a huge collection. Today we will show you a top of gifts related to Star Wars, fleeing a bit from the typical figurines and looking for products with a little more originality.

The best gifts for a Star Wars fan

We leave you below with our selection of gifts that will conquer any Star Wars fan. Ideal for future gifts from Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men. Aim!

Alliance Bracelet for Apple Watch

Compatible with all Apple Watch models and some Samsung watches, this product can be interesting for that fan of the saga who likes to show off all kinds of merchandising . Specifically, this model of the rebel alliance is one of the ones that has caught our attention the most, but they have several more models available, also of high quality and with an official license.

Silicone molds

This set contains eight food grade silicone trays to be able to make ice, chocolates, soaps or whatever you can think of. The designs are very varied, as we can create droids, ships, characters and even Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

Cookbook: Star Wars A la carte

If you know someone who, in addition to being a Star Wars fan, loves cooking, this book is the perfect gift . Star Wars A la carte: 40 Recipes from a very, very distant galaxy , is a very interesting recipe book in which Thibaud Villanova has captured his vision of how he imagines the gastronomy of some of the most famous planets in the saga. There are recipes for all difficulties and they are illustrated with high quality photos.

Flexo Tie Fighter

This flexo is powered by USB and can be perfectly adapted to a room where there are already all kinds of Star Wars figurines.

Princess Leia T-shirt

“Don’t mess with this princess.” Leia has always been an icon of strength, courage and feminism , so this protest shirt is more current than ever. It is available in three different sizes and both the print and the material on which the image is printed are of high quality.

Electric Salt and Pepper Shaker Kit Lightsaber

The perfect accessory to give your dishes a touch of light or darkness. They are two electric grinders for salt and pepper shaped like a lightsaber. It is also officially licensed by Disney.

Star Wars house entrance mat

It is not surprising that the person you want to gift already has a house full of Star Wars figurines and other merchandising products. For this reason, this last gift that we propose is ideal, since it will be left out of the same providing service. There are many different models, but we stick with Darth Vader and little Baby Yoda.