What to give for Christmas if you are a fan of Dune

If you are a fan of Dune and you want to also start your family or friends, giving them a gift that they will not forget, we bring you several options to give and look great in the process. And don’t worry, there’s something for everyone. From games, to funkos , to something very special that will undoubtedly arouse curiosity about the saga and its fascinating history.

Christmas is approaching and we are all trying to find the perfect gift for our own. If you are fond of the Dune universe (it does not matter if you are one of the novels or the recent movie set in Arrakis), you can buy …

What to give for Christmas if you are a fan of Dune

Dune Imperium, the board game

One of the attractions of Dune is its gripping political plot . Great noble houses fight for control of the universe, conspiring in a council, the Landsraad , full of betrayals and lies.

Now you can step into the shoes of one of the great houses and dispute supremacy in Arrakis with Dune Imperium . A board game that collects all the flavor of the novels and the film.

In fact, and as a curiosity, the game came out before the film (due to the delays it suffered) and gutted with its design what some characters would be like .

Dune, illustrated version

If you want someone to read the novel and finally have someone else to discuss it with, it is best to give the illustrated version of Dune as a gift. A luxury edition with spectacular drawings. Undoubtedly, a gem of a collection that cannot be missing in any library.

It is the ideal way to start entering the saga , since it makes the story more immersive, getting into it thanks to the illustrations.

A map of Arrakis to decorate

Mapa artesanal de Arrakis

Nothing better than showing a taste for Dune than hanging a map of Arrakis in the living room and contemplating where the spice that moves the universe comes from.

A work of craftsmanship, made with love and that you can find in this Etsy shop .

Dune Funkos

They had to go out, because there are funkos in everything, so Dune could not be less. From Baron Harkonnen, to the noble Atreides, you have a whole gallery of protagonists to give away those that the person you want to present likes the most.

An artisan Gom Jabbar to put on the neck of your enemies

Gom Jabbar artesano

The Gom Jabbar is a needle poisoned with a deadly substance , used as evidence by the Bene Gesserit . In the recent film we can see how Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam uses it with the young Paul Atreides.

And now, any fan can imitate her with this artisan Gom Jabbar in the modernist style. Quite a “bargain” to give away for just over 150 euros .

And if it sounds crazy to you, on the product page you can see how a lot of people have bought it and are delighted. It must be that it works well.

As you can see, if you are a fan of the intrigues in Arrakis, this Christmas you can take advantage of these gifts set in Dune and look great.