What to do with the OPPO Phone Manager app

Among all the functionalities that we find in phones, there is always one that stands out over others, especially those that are exclusively designed to improve or optimize the phone. One of the manufacturers that has bet on this aspect is OPPO with its ColorOS software layer. Here, we have a tool known as Manager phone or ‘Phone Manager’.

OPPO Phone Manager app

However, sometimes it tends to go unnoticed since not all users who have a smartphone from this manufacturer know how to put it into practice. But the truth is that we are facing a software tool with which we will not only improve the performance of the mobile, but also ensure different elements of our privacy and security when we use the smartphone. That is why we will explain all the utilities that this manager or administrator will offer us for our phone with ColorOS .

What is Phone Manager

This tool gives us different actions both to improve the fluidity of our phone, which include an analysis and optimization of the smartphone and the scanning of the phone to find any possible malware. Although, we also have other options to improve different aspects related to security such as the options for Privacy Permissions and Payment Protection.

Phone Manager OPPO

In addition, another advantage of having this phone manager in OPPO is that it also has a tool called Common Problem Detection or Component Verification, which will allow us to analyze the phone for anomalies with a simple touch.

Therefore, we are facing one of those softwares with which we can thoroughly review the mobile device at any time and without having to download any type of application that promises us this same objective. Well, ColorOS makes it easier than ever.

What to use it for

This application comes standard on all OPPO phones , so you won’t need to download it at any time. In addition, over the years we have seen how it has developed for the better, including more and more functions to its repertoire. For this reason, we are going to explain the functionalities that we will be able to use once we enter this software of the Chinese manufacturer’s customization layer that will allow us to optimize the mobile and improve its protection against possible viruses.

To start using it, you just have to search among the applications for a tool called Phone Manager. Depending on the version of ColorOS, it will appear in a folder called Tools or it will simply be in the app drawer. From there, we can start to see what each function it offers us is for.

Analyze and optimize

The first thing that will stand out among all the options will be the Optimize button. By tapping on this switch, the OPPO phone will automatically perform a complete scan and optimization of different aspects such as memory, temporary files, phone storage, security protection, system optimization and other manual optimization items. Of course, the optimization suggestions will need to be confirmed by ourselves, since sometimes they can remove elements that do not consider important, but for us it is.

Optimizar OPPO

Within these options are these categories: Upgrade, Storage, Security Protection, and System Optimization. In addition, using this feature greatly improves the performance of the OPPO phone . Within this

Manage your permissions

This section will allow us to manage the automatic start of the applications and the different permissions of the applications installed on the mobile. In addition to that we will be able to know the permissions that have been accepted in each of the apps. And not only this, but we also have the option to modify these options that we had given at some point: Physical activity, Storage, Calendar, Camera, Contacts, Microphone, Call log, Body sensor, SMS, Telephone, Location and additional permissions .

Protect your payments

Mobile payments have become a trend, and more and more users are encouraged to configure their smartphone to make purchases. Therefore, today this is a feature that will improve our security and privacy, since it includes a secure payment environment with which we will protect the integrity of the system. We will also have the possibility to activate or deactivate payment protection in some payment applications such as Google Pay, PayPal, among other options.

Protección de pagos OPPO

Check the apps

This tool within the phone manager provides direct access to the complete list of phone applications. So, by clicking on an application, we will manage storage use, data usage details, battery use, notification management and permissions.

Search for malware

And as we told you at the beginning, malware is a reality present in every operating system. Luckily, OPPO’s ‘Phone Manager ‘ will help us carry out an analysis that will determine if the phone has any type of virus. To do this, we just have to click on the option to Search for viruses to start a scan and detect possible threats.

Escáner de virus OPPO

Mobile diagnosis

With this option we will have free way to Run a diagnosis of the phone to determine if any component may be working incorrectly. We just have to click on the option Run diagnostic to be able to verify the operation of the different components: storage, SIM, system version, fingerprint, sensors, connection test, NFC, as well as the battery and charge, buttons, screen, camera, audio and vibration.

Diagnóstico OPPO

Other security enhancements

Although, it is not the only way we will need to protect the mobile. We also have key functions when using the mobile device. Like Smart Lock , which will help us keep the device unlocked while we have it nearby or in a place marked as safe. In addition, this tool recognizes certain indicators, such as when you carry the phone in your pocket or are at home.

Therefore, when activating Smart Lock, we will only have to unlock the device once with the method that we have previously selected. We can even establish the applications that will have a higher permission level so that their operation is not affected, as would be the case of apps that need our location, such as Google Maps.

And, in order to continue avoiding all types of viruses, we will have an option that will prevent us from installing applications of unknown origin. More than anything, because most of the malware comes from applications from sources outside of Google’s own store.