What to Do to Recover Deleted Files on Windows

Undoubtedly one of the biggest problems that we can suffer when storing information, either physically or in the cloud, is that the data is lost. There can be many cyber attacks, hardware problems, software, a bad configuration, some human error … All this could cause us to lose files and folders that we have stored on our hard drives. In this article we will explain how to recover deleted data with some programs that we are going to show.

Losing files is a serious computer problem

Today we store a large amount of data and information on hard drives, NAS servers, computers … We can save files that are part of our work, study, leisure … We trust all this in a series of physical devices that at any time can have problems.

Recover Deleted Files on Windows

This means that in the event of a cyber attack, some misconfiguration or mistake that we make, we can lose all the information. It can be especially important if it is a company or organization that requires a series of files and documents for its full operation.

Therefore, losing files is a computer problem that we can classify as serious. In addition, there are many causes that could cause this, as we have mentioned. It is not always up to us users as it could be due to some sudden hardware issue.

However, there are situations that can be more extreme than others. Let’s say we have reinstalled Windows and we had files that we later find out we need. Luckily, as long as the sectors have not been overwritten, we can count on programs to help us recover them .

Programs to recover deleted data

We are going to show some of the most interesting programs that we can use to recover files that have been deleted by mistake or by some problem in Windows. They can save us when it comes to restoring the equipment and having everything available again.

Recover My Files

One of the programs with which we can recover information in Windows is Recover My Files . It is a software made by Get Data and that allows us to recover documents of all kinds, images, videos and even emails. It works to recover data from external memories, hard drives, Zip drives, pen drives …

If we wonder how to recover deleted files from the recycle bin, we will even have this option with this tool. It could also help in case we have formatted our computer and reinstalled Windows.

Recover My Files is a complete program that we can download directly from its website . It is a paid software and currently has a cost of € 69.95. As we see in the image below, it is available for Windows in 32 and 64-bit versions. We simply have to hit the download button in the version that interests us.

Recover My Files

The installation process is very simple, like any other program. It will ask us where we want to install it and the product key, since without it we will not be able to recover files in Windows. One point to keep in mind is that it is advisable to install it on a different drive than the one we want to recover. It is not essential, but to avoid possible problems it would be ideal.

Instalación de Recover My Files

Once we have installed Recover My Files, a first window will appear where we have to choose between recovering files or recovering the drive . Surely the first case is the most common, since it allows us to recover deleted files from the Windows trash. The second case would be mainly if we have had some accidental formatting of Windows or the drive has been damaged.

Elegir unidad para recuperar archivos en Windows

The next step it will ask us is to choose the drive from which we want to recover the files. For example if it is in drive C, a pendrive or external memory that we have connected, etc. It is a simple and intuitive process. Keep in mind that we can perform a quick search or a much longer one, something that will take longer.

When the program finishes searching for the deleted files, it will show it to us in the window. The folders and subfolders will appear and we can find the one that interests us. We will have to go to the directory where the files were previously and check if we have really recovered them.

EasyRecovery Pro

An alternative option is EasyRecovery Pro . It allows us to recover accidentally deleted files on Windows and macOS. This includes pendrives, memories of cameras or mobile phones, SSD disks, RAID …

It is very useful to repair corrupt files that are impossible to open normally. For example an image or video that we have on a memory card. Again it allows you to do a basic analysis to find files or a more in-depth one, something that will take more time.

EasyRecovery Pro has different versions . One of them is free and can be interesting for those who simply need to recover small files that they have lost. It is limited to 1 GB in total, although files cannot exceed 25 MB. For example, it would be used for a photograph, text files, etc. As for the paid versions, it has several alternatives from the most basic to professional users who require a much more sophisticated tool.

To start using EasyRecovery Pro we have to go to its website . There we will find the different versions that we have mentioned and we simply have to click on the one that interests us and download it.

EasyRecovery Pro

During the download process, it will ask us for our personal data and also choose which version we want to download. In a short space of time we should receive an e-mail with the download link to test the program.

Once installed we can use the basic trial functions or the full version if we have paid for it and activated it.

If we click on continue, it will begin to show us the different means to rescue corrupted files or recover data that has been lost. Here we will see hard disk, memories, multimedia devices, RAID …

We will have to choose the exact disk where we want to recover the files.

Later we will have to choose if we want to recover files, carry out a diagnosis, search for volumes … As we see in the image below.

The next step will start searching for the files. This will take more or less depending on the size of the disk, the option we have chosen, etc. In case of success, the files should appear on the screen. They are sorted by type.

GetDataBack Pro

We can also use GetDataBack to recover deleted files on Windows. In this case we will have two different options for files on FAT and NTFS drives. We will have to choose one or the other according to the file system.

This program belongs to Runtime. To download it, you have to go to the official page and there select the option that interests us, which in our case would be GetDataBack Pro. It currently has a version to recover files on Windows, Linux and macOS . We can choose the free version or the paid version, more complete.

The installation process is very quick and easy. We will simply have to choose where to install it and later an image like the one we can see below will appear and choose the unit that interests us.


Later it will begin to perform an analysis of the unit that we have chosen. This will take more or less depending on the type of memory, size, etc. In case it worked well, the files should appear once finished.

Recuperar archivos con GetBackData

MiniTool Power Data Recovery

One more alternative to recover accidentally deleted files on Windows is MiniTool Power Data Recovery . It is considered as a simple program to use, with basic functions to achieve the objective. It has a limited free version and also a paid version.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery allows you to recover documents that have been deleted by a virus, some system failure or that we have deleted without realizing it. We can use it for hard drives, USB sticks, etc. In addition, it allows you to recover a wide variety of files.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery

It should be noted that this program is compatible with all recent versions of Microsoft Windows. Once installed, as usual, we have to choose what type of memory we want to recover and continue the process.

It will take more or less time depending on the type of disc and the number of files. In case you have been able to recover the lost files , they will appear on the screen and we can access them again.

In short, these are some options we have to recover files in Windows. A series of programs that we can use to restore a damaged memory, a hard disk that we have deleted by mistake or any problem with the information.