What to do if your mobile wallpaper looks bad

Wallpapers are a way to personalize our mobile phone in a unique and special way. To do this, you can choose a huge number of elements, be it an image from your favorite series or a character you idolize. The options are almost endless.

However, one cannot always download an image right off the bat and set it up. This is because there are certain extremely important parameters and that you must take into account yes or yes when proceeding with it. Otherwise, there is a possibility that problems will occur when changing the background.

mobile wallpaper looks bad

Wrong size background

Surely on a large number of occasions you have passionately downloaded a photograph that has captivated you. Then, you go to the gallery to set it as wallpaper, but to your surprise the result is not what you expected.

This is probably because the image has a lower resolution that does not correspond to the size of the screen. This can cause the photo to be pixelated. This also happens in the event that the resolution is much higher. That is why it is necessary that both coincide as far as possible.

To tackle this problem you have two solutions at your disposal. The first is to resize the image on your own under the surface features of your terminal, while the second is to download it directly with the appropriate measurements.

Tamaño imágenes Google

The latter can be done from the search engine itself. All you have to do is access Google and run any search. Now, go to the ‘Images’ section and click on the three vertical dots at the top right. Choose ‘Computer View’ to make your smartphone look like a PC.

Tap on ‘Tools’ and among the options that have been displayed, choose ‘Size’ and indicate the exact dimensions you want. We already told you that the quantities are 1080 x 1920 , since this is the Full HD resolution of most terminals.

The background is greatly enlarged

The truth is that this problem has an easy solution. Mainly, because if the photo in question is exaggeratedly enlarged, it is enough to pinch from the outside in to make the zoom go back.

This usually happens unconsciously if you set the wallpaper through Google Photos. For this reason, it is more than recommended that you do it from the gallery itself.

background scrolls

A large number of manufacturers offer an option for the wallpaper to move when scrolling through the start menu . This can be a real headache, since the center is set automatically based on the number of screens you have.

Fondos de pantalla oscuros

This property can be easily disabled from the ‘Wallpaper’ section in the device settings, although some include this functionality right at the time of choosing the image. In this way, you can keep the photo steady in the face of any movement.