What SEO Audit Tools Can I Use to Help My Online Store Grow

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are depending on their online operation more than ever before. During lockdowns, hundreds of businesses had to close their doors, and if they didn’t have an effective online presence, those closures could potentially have become permanent. Your online store and social media profiles are your main sources of connection to your existing and potential customers. This is why you need to take full advantage of these digital channels.

SEO techniques and tools can help improve your brand’s online presence and your website’s performance on the search engine results page (SERP). Your search ranking plays a huge role in your business’s ability to grow and thrive. When you improve your search ranking, you’re also increasing access to your website for prospective customers. Implementing SEO strategies is much easier when you have the right tools and knowledge of the methodology. This is why working with an SEO firm is highly effective, especially for small businesses. The following are some great SEO companies, services, and tools to help you improve your online store.

Free SEO Audit Tools


One of the top digital marketing and SEO services firms on the market today is LinkGraph. Their team of marketing specialists has years of experience helping businesses of all sizes and types with their SEO performance. Their goal is to help business owners access the full potential of their online channels. This is why they offer a comprehensive—and free—SEO audit tool right on their website.

With the SEO tool, all you have to do is paste your web page’s URL, and LinkGraph will automatically assess your website’s performance. The site audit will identify technical issues and SEO errors. From broken links to duplicate content, the audit tool can pinpoint specific technical SEO issues and offer actionable insights on how to make improvements. There are a variety of factors at play when it comes to your web page’s ranking on the search engine results page, and the metrics you receive from your SEO report offer a starting point for fixing your site issues.

Content Analysis


Your page SEO depends heavily on the quality of its content. Search engines, specifically Google, have quality standards for the individual pages that it ranks. In order to raise your SERP ranking, you need to be sure that your web pages meet these standards. Google’s algorithm prioritizes real content that is high-quality. Your website audit will analyze your content to see if you’re meeting the standards for keywords, word count, and relevance. All of these factors, when optimized, will help you grow your ranking and online presence.

Backlink Building

seo audit

Backlinks play a crucial role in raising your SERP ranking. If the backlinks in your website’s profile aren’t high in quality, this is a great optimization opportunity. From the anchor text being used to the actual sites that are linking to your web page, these can all impact the performance of your backlink profile. LinkGraph’s free SEO audit tool will determine whether your current backlinks and SEO campaigns are working to their full potential. Content issues with the sites in your link-building campaign can hurt your website’s performance, and not having enough backlinks with high authority websites can also hurt your ranking.

Creating an Action Plan


Once you’ve used LinkGraph’s SEO audit feature to identify the SEO issues on your web page, you can continue working with their team of digital marketing and SEO experts to further improve your current SEO efforts. Your SEO report and the metrics it provides is a great starting point for optimizing your site, but it’s just that: a starting point. LinkGraph can help you develop a comprehensive plan for where to focus your SEO and marketing budget and efforts moving forward in order to get the most of your campaigns.