What is the mobile that takes better photos of the moon?

Night photography is one of the most complicated missions for smartphones today. Proof of this is that to achieve the best results at night, you have to go to the high-end of devices if you are looking for the most realistic images possible. However, when it comes to taking pictures of the moon, it is not only the quality that matters, but also the possibilities in terms of telephoto magnifications.

This means that to get good photos of the moon you will have to shell out a significant sum of money, although you will get access to a series of premium features in every way. Likewise, we leave you below several models together with the one that we think is the best option to carry out this activity.

the mobile that takes better photos of the moon

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra takes the prize

If we want to take the best possible pictures of the moon, we must look at the zoom of the telephoto lenses that high-end smartphones carry. Among them, the Huawei Mate 50 Pro, Xiaomi 13 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra stand out. The first two offer extremely high magnification for faraway subjects, but that’s nothing compared to the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s ability to retain detail in your shots with its 200MP camera .

In fact, social networks and even the main media in the country have echoed the possibilities offered by the Samsung flagship camera. In this video from El País you can see how this phone works at night, achieving even the smallest detail of the moon with very realistic colors.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

This is because the company uses a learning AI engine to optimize the scene , as well as a Super Resolution mode. This image processing is done from the 25x zoom, while the resolution technology improves the image by combining several of them. This together with the features offered by One UI 5.1 for the camera when taking photos with the mobile.

Tips for taking pictures of the moon

The hardware is not the only important thing that we need to take good photos of the moon, but also a series of basic notions must be taken into account. Here are some tips to follow to get the perfect image:

hacer foto luna movil noche

  1. Make sure your smartphone is stable : A tripod or phone holder can help you avoid blurring the image.
  2. Use the manual mode of your mobile camera to control the exposure and shutter speed. Adjusting these values will allow you to capture finer details of the moon.
  3. Use the manual focus of your camera: in this way, you will be able to select the point on which the phone should fix all its attention; in this case it is the moon.
  4. Take your photos during the phases of the full or first quarter moon : During these phases, the moonlight is brightest and will allow you to capture more detail.
  5. Take advantage of clouds to add an extra element to your photos: clouds can make the image more interesting and attractive.