What is the button on the back of the AirPods case for?

Apple headphones are also one of the brand’s most minimalist products. Part of its success is in its design and ease of use. Using AirPods is as easy as taking them out of the box and putting them in your ear. For this reason, it may attract our attention that the AirPods have a small button on the back of their case . What exactly is it for?

What is the mysterious button on AirPods for?

What is the button on the back of the AirPods case for

Unlike other True Wireless earbuds, AirPods don’t have buttons, instead they work with a system of taps and pressure sensors. Once you take them out of their packaging for the first time, you can associate them with your iPhone without touching a thing. But of course, we have to think about a few scenarios. What if I want to link my headphones to my Mac? What if I change iPhone?

Well, that’s why Apple placed a small, almost hidden button on the back of its headphone case . With it, we will be able to restore its factory settings or pair the headphones to other devices.

Use it to link your AirPods to a new iOS device

You’ll need to use this button whether your iPhone stops recognizing your headphones or you want to use them on another Apple mobile device, such as a family member’s iPad or a friend’s iPhone.

The steps you have to do are the following.

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Go into the ‘ Bluetooth ‘ option.
  3. Find your AirPods in the list, and tap the icon.
  4. Within the device, tap on the ‘ Forget This Device ‘ option.
  5. Put the AirPods back in their case and close the cover. Now wait a few seconds.
  6. Open the lid again.
  7. Without removing the earphones, press and hold the button on the back of the case.

After doing these steps, a yellow light will begin to flash. As soon as it turns white, your AirPods have been factory reset. Now you can link them to another device or reconnect them to your iPhone in case you have connectivity problems.

Other uses of the button

The button on the case will also help you link your AirPods to other devices , such as a Mac or a smartphone with an Android operating system.

Pair with Android

Although not everyone knows it, you can use AirPods on an Android mobile. To do this, the steps are similar to the previous ones, but you do not have to remove the device . The steps are the following:

  1. Activate Bluetooth on your Android phone.
  2. Put the AirPods in their case and bring them closer to the phone.
  3. Make a long press on the button.
  4. The headphones will quickly appear in the list of Bluetooth devices and you can pair them.

Obviously, in this case you won’t be able to take full advantage of the capabilities of the AirPods, but linking them to an Android can save you from trouble.

Pair with Mac

Airpods auriculares

Do the following steps:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your Mac computer.
  2. Put the AirPods in their case.
  3. Close the lid and wait a few seconds.
  4. Keep the button pressed for a few seconds. The light will turn from yellow to white.
  5. Search for AirPods in the macOS Bluetooth Assistant and you’re good to go.