What is the best day and time to send an email?

You find yourself holding an important email, yet uncertain about the best time to send it. The fear lingers that your message might get lost among the hundreds of emails the recipient receives weekly, risking it going unopened. In your quest for answers, you come across a study that analyzed millions of emails and uncovered a “golden moment” for sending them!

The dilemma of not knowing the ideal time to hit “send” is nerve-wracking. The conflicting emotions inside you push you to send it immediately, but the realization that timing matters adds to the uncertainty. Finding the perfect moment seems elusive and challenging. However, that uncertainty ends now, thanks to the insights from the study.

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The best time of the week

You might not be thrilled to hear this, but according to a study by Axios HQ, the best day to send that crucial email is actually Sunday. It’s understandable; no one wants to entertain the thought of work-related matters on a day dedicated to rest, napping, watching football, or whatever else brings relaxation.

To add to the surprise, the study suggests that the optimal time to send emails on Sundays is between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Specifically, starting at 3:00 p.m. gives you a three-hour window to maximize the chances of your email being opened. But why Sunday and why this specific time frame?

The study’s insights reveal that on Sundays, people tend to be less inundated with work-related emails and are likely to have more leisurely time to peruse their inboxes. As the weekend winds down, individuals might be more receptive to checking personal and work emails, providing an opportune moment for your message to receive attention.

An overwhelming success rate

According to the study based on the analysis of nearly 9 million emails, it was found that emails sent on Sundays within the specified time slot have an impressive success rate of 94%. This means that the likelihood of your email being opened by the recipient is significantly high. While it’s not a guaranteed 100%, it still far surpasses the average success rate of 50 to 76% for emails sent throughout the week.

However, there’s an important consideration when sending emails on Sundays, as pointed out by the study. It goes against the usual professional etiquette of respecting weekends as a time for personal rest and leisure. While some people might not mind receiving emails on Sundays, others might have notifications activated and inadvertently come across the message. It’s essential to weigh the importance of your email’s content and the potential impact of sending it on a Sunday.

Given the changing landscape of work, with more freelancers and remote jobs, weekends are no longer as isolated as they once were. However, it’s crucial to carefully assess whether sending an email on a Sunday aligns with your intended goals.

If you find yourself considering whether to send a message on Friday or wait until Sunday, it might be reasonable to wait, considering the data from the study. But remember, the decision depends on various factors, including the relevance and urgency of your email.

If you do opt to send the email on Sunday, including a polite disclaimer like “Sorry that I write to you on Sunday” at the beginning of the message can help alleviate any potential pressure or discomfort. Ultimately, being mindful of your recipients’ preferences and the context of your email will contribute to a successful communication outcome.