What is compilation when I start programming

Over the last few years, many regular users of technology have opted to delve into the interesting world of development and programming . In the same way, many others are interested in starting to program right now, but they have doubts about some terms and modes of operation related to all of this. This is the case for example of the compilation that has to be carried out in many software development projects.

It should be borne in mind that initially becoming part of the software development community is not easy . This is something that becomes especially clear if we start from scratch with a specific programming language . Here both the patience we must have and the time we spend on this learning play a very important role. First of all, we should choose well the type of work or the development environment towards which we want to go.

What is compilation when I start programming

It is not the same to focus on the creation of applications for desktop environments, that for mobiles, or to enter the world of video games . However, unlike a few years ago, at this time we can rejoice in all the information and help that we have on the internet . This way we can use a multitude of online courses, YouTube videos, manuals, or even user forums from all over the world who are willing to lend a hand.

Perhaps one of the most recurrent terms that you have heard in this type of work related to programming , is the compilation. Also, surely some recommend you to choose a reliable and useful compiler . But for those of you who don’t know exactly what this term refers to, we are going to help you.

This is compiling code when programming applications

If you are considering delving into this interesting sector of development, you will know that in most cases we need to type source code . All this will be part of the software in a development project in which we work. This is something we can type into various development-specific programs, compilers, or sometimes simple text editors. Once we have some knowledge of a certain programming language, and we are working on a project, this is precisely where the compilation of that code comes into play.

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And it is that, to give you an idea, when we talk about compiling we refer to the process of translating the source code that we have previously typed on the PC. That is, a translation is carried out, to call it in some way, of the lines of code that have been written in the chosen programming language. We must bear in mind that all those lines of code introduced in our development project, in principle, are not executable by the computer . Therefore, they need to be compiled in such a way that the operating system can work with them.

Hence precisely the need to translate all those instructions entered in text mode, to what is known as machine language or binary code . Therefore, what we achieve with the compilation when programming is that the PC understands our project and turns it into a program, game, or part of a larger software.