What is and How to Activate the Realme Secure Keyboard

The Chinese firm is close to releasing the second version of its software layer, Realme UI , when there are still some features of the first version that we have not gotten used to using or that we even know what they are for. Like the secure keyboard of Realme mobiles, with which we make browsing and using apps safer.

How to Activate the Realme Secure Keyboard

Hackers are aware of any carelessness of users in order to get hold of their data, and our Realme mobiles like many others are no exception. Therefore, to make the days with our Realme safer, we recommend activating this functionality.

What is the Realme Secure Keyboard for?

No doubt when filtering information one of the main things they like to do hackers is to analyze your keyboard keystrokes on the phone. With this information for them it is possible that they can access some of our passwords and other types of information that are sensitive.

teclado seguro realme

This is possible because with a malicious app a hacker could access a report of everything that has been typed on the terminal’s keyboard, something that has been the case practically since there have been personal and mobile computers. Well, Android phones can protect us in these cases, exactly when we talk about the Realme. What this keyboard does is prevent any type of information that we generate by clicking on it from being intercepted , in such a way that hackers cannot access that information at any time.

How can this mode be activated?

Well, we are talking about a native functionality of these mobiles, which we can find in Realme UI, the software layer of the Chinese firm. For this we must follow these steps on our phone:

  • Open the settings of your Realme
  • Go to “Additional Settings”
  • Click on “Keyboard and input method”
  • Activate the “Use secure keyboard when entering password” feature

Now you will not notice the change immediately, only when you use the phone keyboard in safe environments, this means that if you are going to enter a password on a web page or an app, this keyboard will be activated, which as you can see has a different appearance to Google, with a much more basic and classic-looking look . But it does its job, because when we use it we guarantee that nothing we are writing will leave the mobile and will be intercepted by third parties, whatever the method they use.