What internet speed you need to watch Movistar Plus+ in 4K


If you are considering subscribing to the new Movistar Plus+ OTT, there are some important details to consider. Beyond the monthly cost, you should also be aware of the internet speed required to enjoy this revamped platform from the blue operator without interruptions and in high quality.

Since the launch of the new Movistar Plus+ to replace the Lite version, many questions have arisen regarding this new OTT service. One common concern is the necessary internet connection speed to smoothly stream the various contents and channels offered by this alternative service from the blue operator, which is also available for customers of other companies.

To address these doubts, let’s look at the required Mbps (megabits per second) for seamless content playback. Additionally, we’ll explore the internet speed required to watch channels, movies, or series in 4K resolution. With this information, you can confidently enjoy any content without experiencing buffering or interruptions. It’s worth noting that this OTT service allows for up to two simultaneous screens, making it convenient for multi-device households.

The speed recommended by Movistar

When looking at the frequently asked questions about the new OTT service from the operator, you may not find specific mention of connection speed. However, this service operates similarly to Movistar Plus+, which means it requires the same level of internet quality to function smoothly.

The minimum Mbps needed can vary depending on the quality in which you want to enjoy the contents on the blue operator’s TV platform. The better the connection, the better the content will look. That much is clear.

Movistar Plus+ test channels

According to the recommendations from the Movistar Community, the operator suggests a minimum internet connection speed of at least 3 Mbps to watch Movistar+ on devices. However, it is advisable to have a speed of 6 Mbps or higher for optimal performance. If your contracted internet speed is lower than 3 Mbps, it is essential to ensure that no other devices are connected to your network.

For a seamless viewing experience without cuts or loss of quality, having a connection speed of 6 Mbps is recommended. Keep in mind that for higher-quality content, the operator advises having an even better connection to achieve the desired image resolution.

To watch movies or series in 4K

To achieve reasonable quality and avoid interruptions in video playback, a minimum internet speed is required. However, if you want to enjoy the highest quality of 4K UHD content, a faster internet connection is necessary. In this case, the minimum Mbps requirement increases, as lower speeds would not allow you to watch movies or series in 4K.

According to Movistar’s recommendations, a minimum internet speed of 15 Mbps is suggested for a smooth 4K viewing experience. With this speed, you can enjoy 4K content on Movistar Plus+. Additionally, if you prefer to watch content in Full HD, they also recommend having a connection of at least 15 Mbps. It’s worth noting that these minimum Mbps requirements from Movistar are lower compared to other OTT platforms available currently. Thus, it provides an advantage over many other options available in the market.