What exactly is jailbreaking an iPhone

If this is the first time you hear the word Jailbreak or you are thinking of doing one to your iPhone, you will have to take into account some factors. In this post we tell you what exactly a Jailbreak is and the main things you should know before doing it.

Apple always prioritizes security in all its devices, so the firmware or system software always has mechanisms to guarantee it. In the case of the popular iPhones and iPads, the business group has opted for iOS, a closed system (also called the “Closed-World model”). This means that it limits the user’s rights because, among other things, it does not allow access to the administrator account. If you remove these locks, we are talking about an iOS jailbreak . However, this unlocking process is only possible with special software that modifies iOS . In most cases, you have to run it on an external computer.

What exactly is jailbreaking an iPhone

Two different types of jailbreak can be distinguished. The first is known as tethered jailbreaks (“connected” jailbreaks), and it is only possible to restart the unlocked computer using a separate computer. So if it crashes or shuts down, you need to connect it to your computer first and start it with the corresponding software. This release is not very practical, which is why it has lost ground to untethered jailbreaks , which allow devices to start without the need for external help.


This is what you need to know about Jailbreak

The biggest advantage you can experience after a jailbreak is that it offers the ability to install and use apps that are not available on the App Store . These are, above all, tools for performance optimization. This is possible thanks to app stores where programs from alternative providers can be purchased after jailbreaking iOS. One of the best known solutions is undoubtedly the Cydia package manager, which is automatically installed when using many of the jailbreak tools. Among the advantages of doing a Jailbreak, the following stand out:

  • Installation and use of apps from providers that are not available in the official App Store
  • Appearance adaptation (icons, initial load animation, etc.)
  • Access to hidden iOS system files
  • Ability to share files between iOS and Android devices
  • Remove the limitation of Bluetooth connections that restricts them exclusively to the transmission of images
  • Uninstall manufacturer-specific factory apps

One of the risks you run when jailbreaking iOS is that the administrator mode that it enables not only opens all the doors of the system to you as a user, but also to potential attackers: installing unprotected apps not only makes it easier for criminals any contagion of your iPhone or iPad with spyware and malware, but also allows them to cause more damage with their tools. Another basic problem with unlocked mobile terminals is that as soon as a new version of iOS is released, you won’t be able to install it or use its new features.

Summary of the main problems and risks of iOS jailbreak:

  • Jailbreaking can damage the system and compromise the operation of iOS.
  • The system is more exposed to spyware and malicious software.
  • Increases the damaging potential of malware and spyware.
  • Warranty or replacement rights may be lost.
  • You can’t just switch to new iOS versions.