What does it mean that Ubisoft+ can come to Xbox?

No one doubts at this point in life that we are at a time in the market in which subscriptions rule. Payments for monthly services that have to do with music, series, movies, television programs and, of course, video games. So these, given their popularity, have become the real alternative to the option of buying releases independently. And Ubisoft+ is precisely that.

Looking for an urgent exit

Ubisoft+ can come to Xbox

The fact is that Ubisoft has not been, in recent times, a quiet company as far as information is concerned. To the cancellations of several “unannounced” projects we must add the debacle of the delay of Skull and Bones or the threat from Ives Guillemot that the development teams must put their batteries before the panorama that opens before them. So it is not surprising that the French are looking for windows in which to continue making old releases profitable.

Ubisoft+ is that answer that hit the market almost three years ago and that strongly embraced Google’s recently released cloud gaming service, Stadia. It was there that he took, in addition to PC, his library of titles for consoles with the promise, not only to launch the news the same day they were put on sale ( Far Cry 6 , for example) but to do it with all the extras , DLC and expansions that each title on the market had.

The problem is that Stadia failed, it closed its servers last January and only with PC does Ubisoft+ not have enough time to continue looking for a way to earn more money. So, what do you think the next step will be?

Crash Landing on Xbox

It must be said that with Stadia already mortally wounded, Ubisoft decided to take the step of launching its service on PlayStation, which happened in May of last year, so obviously, all that was missing was Microsoft‘s shore, where there are already such flat rates. celebrated as Xbox Game Pass or EA Access, which is also part of the North American ecosystem.


Now, an image published by Windows Central has just appeared showing the possible logo that the Ubisoft+ games would have in the Xbox store so that the user can identify each one and know that this title is part of the plan they are paying for. the French. In the same way that it already happens with the releases of Electronic Arts that they have within the Xbox Game Pass plan.

At the moment, no more is known: if it will be integrated into Xbox Game Pass, if with a single payment we will have access to those Ubisoft games, if it will be sold separately and even the extension of the catalog since, let’s remember, the French also have an alternative on computers with many developments from its early days when platforms such as the PC worked much more specifically (remember the number of delivery of strategy titles such as The Settlers or Anno… ).

For now, keep in mind that Ubisoft+ has many ballots to reach Xbox. We just need to know when, how and with what.