What does it mean that a mobile has an AMOLED screen?

The smartphone market is huge. For this very reason, we find all kinds of mobiles , from the most basic entry-level, which have what is just and necessary, to high-end phones that exceed the barrier of 1,000 euros and, in this case, usually have some best features.

However, one of the points that most attracts the attention of users is the screen . More than anything, because it is one of the features that we use the most, to watch videos, movies, use the mobile phone, send messages, etc. But, that’s not all, but since there is such a varied market, it is normal for us to find smartphones with different types of screens, and among them, we find AMOLED panels . But what does it mean and what are its advantages?

Types Screens on a mobile AMOLED, IPS LCD and OLED

What does AMOLED mean?

The screen is a key point, no matter how much we care about the cameras, the performance or the battery of a mobile, the panel always has the attention of the users. For this reason, over the years we have seen how smartphones have evolved to designs with more complete screens . In any case, if you have ever wondered what is AMOLED, here is the answer.

AMOLED is an acronym for active matrix organic light-emitting diode . In this type of panels, organic materials are used that emit light at the exact moment in which electricity is applied. But how is it different from other types of screens? In this case, it is characterized by illuminating each pixel only when it is electronically activated. Therefore, these types of panels are always off, except when the necessary impulse is given to each pixel.

Pantalla Super AMOLED del teléfono Samsung Galaxy A53

Another of the differential characteristics of AMOLED mobile screens is that users can enjoy purer black tones, although not as much as in OLED panels. In addition, by having great flexibility, it allowed different manufacturers to launch new smartphones with curved screens on the market at the time.

Why choose a phone with this technology

A mobile with an AMOLED screen is more expensive . And it is not for less, since only in the reproduction of the colors the difference is noticeable. However, this is not the only advantage or benefit that this type of panel presents. For this reason, we are going to know what its strengths are if you are looking at a phone and it has this type of display:

  • Phones with this type of screen tend to be less thick than others.
  • Colors are brighter and more vivid , just as black is purer than smartphones with LCD screens.
  • Mobile battery is better optimized.
  • Smartphones with this type of panel can use the Always on Display function or also known as Always On Display.
  • Depending on the brand, there are terminals that have the possibility of configuring the screen so that its edges light up when receiving notifications .
  • Mobile phones with an AMOLED screen have a fingerprint reader under the screen . In LCD panels, for example, you have to put a reader on the back or side of the phones. Although, there are already examples that the necessary technology exists to achieve the latter, manufacturers choose to put AMOLED screens.