What do we ask of The Sims 5?

There is no video game saga that is not affected by the passage of time. There are times when you notice that the ideas are missing, that those responsible do not finish hitting the key and that the universe that others created must practically restart. And something like that is happening to The Sims , which in September will be 22 years after the launch of the first title and everything indicates that it will have a new sequel.

What do we ask of The Sims 5?

The Sims 5 on the horizon?

It is clear that something is moving around the franchise created by the brilliant Will Wright and all the signs point to a period of release of new DLC for The Sims 4 but, above all, to the announcement that Electronic Arts is already working on The Sims 5 facing a launch… at the end of 2022 or maybe already in 2023 to finish squeezing all the content they release for the game that they still have in stores?

We have decided to take the worst, that is, that we will have an announcement of The Sims 5 around the summer so we are going to do the job to the North Americans by asking them for five (plus one extra) qualities that should adorn the game. All raised with the idea that this new installment is really differential but, above all, respectful of the legacy that we have been enjoying since the year 2000. There they go…

1. An open world at last

The time has come for The Sims 5 not to have only neighborhoods, or settings limited in size, and for our sims to really be able to come and go through a more complex world that allows them to go from home to work, or to a neighborhood in the city. , or on vacation with complete freedom, as if it were a sandbox, interacting with anyone who comes across us, be it a player or an NPC.

Los Sims 4 simulador de vida

2. New and more complete editors

Publishers have always been great, but with The Sims 5 they should go a step further in defining much more exclusive profiles. Probably many players do not want them, but for those who live the complete experience of The Sims , having a practically unique avatar is important. Or a house!

3. Graphic appearance of drawings

We don’t want Electronic Arts to change the graphic appearance of the franchise. We want that same cartoon aspect, of histrionic vignette and that, with a certain evolution and applying new graphic technologies, maintain the essence of what The Sims has been since its creation.

Los Sims 4 - Fenómenos Paranormales

4. Multitasking, bring it back!!

The Sims 5 cannot forget about that multitasking that Electronic Arts inexplicably erased with The Sims 4 and that consists of our characters being able to do two things at the same time. For example eating and watching television. If he didn’t come back, it would be a big little disappointment.

5. Cross-platform with crossplay at once

With so many screens on which we interact on a daily basis, it would seem inconceivable that we couldn’t take the game on the street with our mobile and then continue it on our console or PC at home. The Sims 5 should allow us this transition easily and, if possible, without an extra cost for users.

Los Sims 4

5+1. Let the metaverse arrive

Will Electronic Arts take advantage to plant with The Sims 5 its first stone of a possible metaverse of the franchise? Perhaps the definitive arrival of NFT, purchase of properties, items, money, etc.? We do not know why, but it smells like something in the environment and it will be interesting to know the path that the franchise takes in the face of that virtual future that everyone warns us about.