What do Amazfit watches lack to be perfect?

An Amazfit watch has at its disposal a huge number of functions that can be used on multiple occasions. This is the main reason why they have reached great popularity as an accessory for mobile phones, since the possibility of controlling your smartphone and your physical condition from a wearable is a great advantage.

However, it is not gold everything that shines. Despite the fact that smart watches increasingly have properties that provide greater accessibility , there are some tools that, incomprehensibly , have not yet been incorporated into any of the available ones. These are some of the functionalities that we miss in the Amazfit devices to make them completely perfect.

What do Amazfit watches lack to be perfect

Some other application

The software that these accessories use is by no means outdated, quite the opposite. For this reason, it is illogical that they cannot run applications with minimum requirements , such as one where you can consult current information .

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In this way you could be aware of what is happening in the world without having to consult your phone. Another test is the occasional low-consumption game to entertain us on the bus or subway. You could recover the classic Snake or take care of a creature as if it were a Tamagotchi. They are not very demanding applications, so the battery would not suffer excessively.

Pay with NFC

It is illogical that simpler accessories in terms of the number of functions, such as Xiaomi smart bracelets, have a property that cannot be carried out in Amazfit watches. Specifically, it is about the ability to pay with your watch using NFC technology.

It is a tool that has spread globally. Above all, with the appearance of the coronavirus, which has led to digital payments . In fact, NFC is used by millions of users through their respective mobiles.

Send messages with voice

If one of the strengths of smartwatches is accessibility, it is not understood how none of them yet has the necessary technology to send voice messages . Be careful, it does not have to be through audios, but with a methodology similar to how voice dictation works in Android Auto.

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Thanks to this addition, we could send a message without having to take the mobile out of the pocket . Incorporating this function would imply an increase in the product, since it would be necessary to integrate a microphone good enough so that the audio it receives is correct.

These are some of the implements that Amazfit smartwatches need to shine as an accessory. It is true that they already enjoy extreme fame, but a step forward is missing . A new way to attract users that is not simply based on control, but on interaction. While it is true that the cost of them would increase considerably in some cases, but surely there are people willing to pay for better access to their smartphone.