What Damage Does the Warranty for Water-resistant Mobiles Cover?

water-resistant-mobileMobile phones with water residence are becoming more common and we find the IP certification more related to technology. For the tranquility of the users, we can now enjoy them without so much fear that water will fall at some point, especially in times of heat with the mobiles that accompany us to the beach or the pool.

As calm as we feel, if the protection does not work as it should, we will have to contact the manufacturer, who following strict steps will inform us if the device is really faulty and comes under warranty or on the contrary it is the fault of A misuse.

IP protection against freshwater and salt water

Think about it before launching with the mobile to the pool, because we have to know in detail everything that this implies, since our mobile phone is not protected against all liquids. Individually we will have to consult the guarantee of each manufacturer, although we anticipate that in none of them we will be able to submerge the mobile in salt water , so we can completely forget to take it to the beach, in addition to that it is a place with high temperatures and we can cause derivative damage.

Moviles garantia resistencia al agua

In the face of liquids, it is not the same to wet our cell phone with water from a bottle of drinking water, than to do it in a river with dirt, stones and dirt, an aspect that manufacturers make clear in their instructions included in the box. Huawei or LG for example informs us that a misuse of the possibilities of the smartphone, will not come under warranty and this can occur if there is dirt, sand or bumps on the smartphone. Most brands only protect their terminals against fresh water and in case of finding other liquids, the repair will be rejected.

We must also be aware that the guarantee does not last forever and by law is limited to a minimum of 2 years in most cases, although in the case of water residence, it can be reduced up to 1 year , because the capabilities of Resistance is lost with use. In any case, the terminal cannot carry strong blows or marks having been opened , otherwise the warranty will be completely eliminated.

Other liquids other than water

In the case of chlorine pools, we are already adding an extra compound to the water and in the review of the terminal you will find chlorine particles that will throw back our guarantee. Another of the most common cases may be Coca Cola or carbonated beverages, which are more corrosive than water and are not part of the guarantee of our mobile phone.

There are many liquids against which our smartphone can not cope, even if the mobile is waterproof. We must not forget that it is a technological device and these components do not get along very well with liquids. The protection that manages to prevent water from entering the smartphone is only prepared for water and the rest of the products can cause it to stop working without covering the warranty.

Know the limits of your mobile

Although we can read in the box that our mobile phone is waterproof, this does not mean that it will be like a professional diver. The pressure can affect several components and eventually cause the water to seep inside, leaving us without a smartphone and being exempt from the warranty . Depending on our mobile, we will have an IP certification , where the second number that appears after the IP letters correspond to your water residence.

Móviles garantia resistencia al agua

In addition to this, each manufacturer will indicate in its instructions the maximum depth , as well as its maximum time to be submerged and if we exceed those limits, we will have to take charge of the repair. With all these data, we must be clear that the water resistance of our phone does not free us from any problem related to liquids and much less if it has suffered blows or misuse.

Most common IP protection degrees

The first number of the degree of protection indicates the resistance to dust that our smartphone has, preventing particles from entering that could damage it. The levels range from 0 to a maximum of 6 in the technological and mobile products that we can buy.

  • Grade 0: No protection.
  • Grade 1: Immune to the entry of solid elements up to 50mm.
  • Grade 2: Immune to the entry of solid elements up to 12.5mm.
  • Grade 3: Immune to the entry of solid elements up to 2.5mm.
  • Grade 4: Immune to the entry of solid elements up to 1mm.
  • Grade 5: Immune to dust ingress without affecting internal components.
  • Grade 6: Fully protected against dust ingress.

Meanwhile, the second digit is the one that interests us most, since it is the one that prevents us from experiencing problems with liquids that are more complicated to solve. This resistance is more advanced and allows us up to 9 levels of protection.

  • Grade 0: No protection against water.
  • Grade 1: Resistant to the entry of water by dripping or splashing.
  • Grade 2: Water splash resistant from any direction.
  • Grade 3: Resists water spray for 5 minutes.
  • Grade 4: Support 10 liters / min in a direct water jet.
  • Grade 5: Supports a jet of major water at the same time.
  • Grade 6: It still cannot be submerged, but it resists very well in direct water jets.
  • Grade 7: Resists submerged for 30 minutes at 1 meter deep.
  • Grade 8: Each manufacturer chooses the maximum time and levels to which we can immerse it, always exceeding one meter.
  • Grade 9: Maximum protection in smartphones, supporting powerful jets of water pressure and being submerged longer and deeper.

In case we have not exceeded any of the limits established by the manufacturer and after its analysis, we will receive approval and we will not have to pay for it, as indicated by the brand.