What Capacity Should You Buy Your Next Mac

If Apple Mac computers are already quite expensive in themselves, when you want to go for a higher-capacity SSD of origin – something that is now mandatory since they come soldiers – the price shoots up even more, so it is important to have Of course, what SSD capacity do you need before buying a new Mac. In this article we are going to try to help you so that you can buy your new Mac with the appropriate SSD capacity for your needs.

In the past the options were very simple: you bought the cheapest Mac there was and then you would expand the storage and RAM on your own. Conscious and not at all in agreement with it, Apple has now soldered both the RAM and the SSD in most of its computers, making it practically impossible to expand them on our own. For this reason, if you intend to buy a Mac it is important to be clear about the capacity of the SSD of the computer before doing so.

What Capacity Should You Buy Your Next Mac

The price of capacity when buying a Mac

Let’s take an example with the latest Mac Mini models from the company. Initially we have two options: with a 256 GB PCIe SSD for 929 euros or with a 512 GB SSD for 1279 euros (this option also changes the processor, but let’s see the increases). If in the first model we wanted a 512 GB capacity SSD, we would have to add no less than 250 euros to the price. The 1 TB version increases the price by 500 euros, and the 2 TB version by 1,000 euros. Crazy, right?

In the second option of the Mac mini, things change but not too much. As we said, the equipment comes with a 512 GB PCIe SSD in its basic configuration, and if we want to double that capacity to 1 TB we will have to pay a supplement of 250 euros, while if we want a 2 TB SSD, the increase is 750 euros .

Capacidad SSD Mac Mini

It is very clear that Apple abuses a lot with these price increases, since there is literally no 2 TB PCIe NVMe SSD on the market that costs 1,000 euros, and in fact this practice has been done with malice when soldering the SSD to the equipment board and thus prevent the user from changing it.

These same price increases will be suffered by users who want to buy a MacBook Pro or any other Apple device. For example, the 16-inch MacBook Pro comes with a 1 TB SSD capacity, but if you want it to be 2 TB, you have to add 500 euros to its price, 1,250 euros more for a 4 TB SSD and if you want an SSD 8 TB, hold on because you will have to pay an increase of 2,750 euros.

In short, what we want to tell you with this is that you have to choose very well the capacity of the SSD you want for your new Mac, since if you are willing to pay what Apple asks for these computers, as you can see the increase in price to greater SSD capacity is stratospheric.

How much capacity do you need?

As we always say, it will depend on the type of equipment you are going to buy and the use you are going to give it, although after all you can give almost the same use to a MacBook as to a Mac Mini or an iMac, simply change the situation in which you are going to use it.

Initially, the 128 GB capacities would be discarded except for computers that will be used mostly to work in the cloud, and still be careful with cloud storage services such as Dropbox because they keep a copy locally (unless you configure them to the contrary) and they eat the capacity of the SSD almost without realizing it.

Capacidad SSD Mac

256 GB is already a reasonable capacity for normal computer use, as long as you don’t store too much multimedia content on it. A 512 GB or more SSD is ideal for almost any situation and normal user, since you will have more than enough space to do practically everything you need in your day to day. 1TB or more is already recommended only for professional users who have to deal with audio and video editing and need extra high-speed storage.

Remember, however, that you always have the possibility to use an external hard drive to add storage to your computer, although Apple also seems to have made efforts to limit this possibility by increasingly reducing the connectivity options of its computers, especially laptops. In any case, this will always be a much cheaper option than buying a Mac with more capacity than the account.