Review: WeVideo, Edit Videos with Predefined Image and Sound Objects

Since the Internet has become part of our lives, the use of cloud applications has multiplied. In this way we can edit videos and photos, work with text editors , or design projects without installing anything.

What just a few years ago seemed almost impossible, thanks to the applications available now, and the Internet connections, things have changed a lot. Thanks to the set that we mentioned, we have the possibility of doing all kinds of online jobs, which has its pros and cons. Perhaps the main advantage of all this is that we will be able to work without installing anything, but yes, we will need a good connection, and that is stable.


In this way we will achieve, for example, work in collaborative groups, all through a web browser, or specific applications. Well, in these lines we want to show you a type of treatment that only a few years ago was limited to a few. Specifically, we are referring to something as usual today as video editing . We tell you this because we are going to talk about a free web application that will allow us to deal with these multimedia contents.

Specifically, we refer to the platform of this type called WeVideo that presents an interesting user interface. As soon as we access the application as such, the first thing we do is register to create our work desk. So, we will have our personal projects section, in addition to being able to add the new ones. To do this we will only have to click on the “Create new” button so that we can start working.

Edit videos individually or in groups with the WeVideo application

Then we will find on the screen with the work desk that the tool proposes to start the editing. In the event that we do not want to complicate much, the program itself proposes a series of templates to use. These are in the form of videos, photographs or audio samples that we implement in our project. It is evident that in the same way we can upload our own contents of this type with which to work, all from the “Media” section.

WeVideo UI
WeVideo UI

These objects are located at the top of the interface, while at the bottom we find the usual timeline used in these programs. From here we will see that we have at our disposal a total of three independent channels where we can add elements for the composition. Also, on the right side of the work desk, we see a window where you are going to preview the video we are creating with the changes in real time.

But those are not all the elements as a help that WeVideo presents to us to use in our projects. We say this because in the same way, the program offers us samples of texts, transitions that we can add, or motion graphics to implement in our personal video. All this is very simple to use, since it is enough that we drag the objects, of the type that are, until the time bar, in the position that we want.

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