Websites to Learn Ethical Hacking Online in a Simple Way

An ethical hacker has nothing to do with what we might call a cybercriminal or hacker. We are dealing with a user who, either for work or leisure, performs tests on a network or computer equipment to look for vulnerabilities or to see how a true attacker could put privacy and security at risk. In this article we are going to name some ethical hacking sites with which we can learn from basic topics to carry out actions that are also more complex.

Sites to learn ethical hacking

Today on the web we can find endless content for almost everything. We can learn a language, a programming language, learn about topics that interest us, read the press… We have, in short, a wide range of possibilities. When we talk about teaching at all levels, we can access a large number of resources.

Websites to Learn Ethical Hacking Online

Within all these possibilities we also find websites that are dedicated to offering information related to ethical hacking. We can see manuals, programs that we can use to test our equipment, etc.


One of the options we have is HackThis . It is an interactive cybersecurity platform that aims to show how to protect the web, learn through different objectives. It has more than 60 different levels and allows you to learn with the tutorials and articles that they show.

On this site we can see a wide range of challenges divided into categories. For example, it allows you to find a way to break CAPTCHA codes. It is quite comprehensive and we can see all the content on your website and investigate what interests us most.

Google Gruyere

You could not miss an option from Google . Google Gruyere is a website created by the search giant with the aim of putting ethical hackers to the test. It has a number of vulnerabilities carefully created for this mission.

Visually it is not the best website, as we will see when we access it, but it is very useful if we want to test the security of a site. It guides users with the different tasks to be carried out.

We can see, as the web shows us, that some challenges require certain knowledge, while others are more basic.


We can say that the OverTheWire option is more advanced. It shows different scenarios in which users can develop their ethical hacking skills. It also allows competitions between users who want to attack the servers of others.

However, although it has more advanced tools and methods, it also has more basic lessons where they teach the essentials to those who want to get started in this world. For its use it requires an SSH connection.


This website stands out especially for the large number of errors they have. They indicate that there are more than 100, so ethical hackers will have a wide range of possibilities to put everything they have learned to the test.

DDoS attacks, Clickjacking and much more can be found in bWAPP . It allows you to download the web, have the server in our domains, and in this way be able to carry out all kinds of attacks against it without harming the real web. A very interesting way to attack a site but in a virtual way, without really damaging it.

Página de hacking ético bWAPP

Offensive Security

One more option is Offensive Security . It offers a large number of courses, certifications and also training for organizations . We can say that it is more oriented to professionals and groups who want to expand their knowledge.

On its website we can find a series of options to test our knowledge and tools that we can use. For example, we can make use of virtual laboratories to carry out these actions.


With Cybrary we can get a website full of free ethical hacking material . We can learn and contribute to the community with our own knowledge. It is designed for both individuals and groups.

Although we can create an account and obtain free content, it also has a payment section where we will see more options.


One more website we want to show is HackThisSite . It is another site that also allows us to hack it . It acts as a very interesting learning resource. It offers lessons for those who are just starting out, as well as more advanced content.


This website is a classic and has been around for many years. It offers very interesting resources for all those who want to learn.

In short, this is an interesting list with some sites dedicated to ethical hacking with which we can learn different resources and put our skills to the test.