Web Hosting: what should we look for when hiring one

Web Hosting

Right now we live in a dizzying time of many changes. The transition to the digital world is increasingly evident and companies must adapt to changes. Currently, whether you are a small or medium organization, you are going to need to have your website. In that sense, nowadays a company’s website is constituted as the escape route to the outside. Then, the time comes that, to have a website, you need to hire a hosting service. In this article we are going to talk about Web Hosting and if the company that offers it has similar offers.

The first thing we are going to do is explain what Web Hosting is. We will also talk about the elements that we have to fix when hiring a service of this type. Then we will talk about what type of Hosting we can hire and whether all companies offer the same.

What is Web Hosting

Web Hosting , also known as web hosting, is a service that offers Internet users a system in which to save any information, video or images so that it is accessible via the web.

In short, we find a web server that, normally, provides hosting to one or more websites, applications and sometimes email.

Some interesting concepts with the topic that you may be interested in knowing are:

  • Web host : it is the space of a server that a company provides to its customers.
  • Hosting or hosting : it is the space on a server in which all the information on our website will be stored.

Web hosting has become a lucrative business and we can hire various types of hosting.

What types of Hosting we could hire

Nowadays, for those entrepreneurs who have a company it is almost mandatory to have a website . If in doubt, it is a way of showing our products or services to potential clients by offering them information about them. However, when it comes time to create a website for our company, we may have doubts about what type of Web Hosting to choose. In that sense, a small, medium or large company is not the same. Depending on this, we will have greater or lesser resources for contracting this Web Hosting service.

Thus, we could hire one of the following types:

  1. Shared hosting : in which the server’s processor and RAM memory are shared, each user maintaining their own space. It is something cheaper and for websites with little traffic.
  2. Hosting with a dedicated server : here a single client has all the resources of the machine to meet the objectives for which they have contracted this service. It should be noted that it is a more expensive service, in which you have full control and it is for users with high demands.
  3. The VPS or dedicated virtual server , which divides the resources of the physical server into virtual servers. Each customer has his own with his operating system and could restart it whenever he wants.

On the other hand, here you have our complete tutorial on how to know what hosting I need for my company.

What should we look at when hiring a Web Hosting?

As for Web Hosting, we could say that there are two kinds: free and paid . The former can be interesting to test, but because they are slow and unsupported, for a serious website they are not worth it. On the other hand, the paid ones guarantee that most of the time they will be online and have professional technical support.

Regarding some of the characteristics that we must look at when hiring a Web Hosting we must pay special attention to:

  • The storage capacity that they offer us.
  • The transfer of data that they allow to our websites.
  • That has an SSL certificate.
  • Security system that you have, for example, if you have anti-DDoS protection, firewalls, etc.
  • If they offer you domain and web mail, a proper url with your email gives a very good image.
  • The server hardware where CPU and RAM are some of the key elements.

In this regard, each company that offers a hosting service has a very different price depending on whether it affects more or less some of the aforementioned aspects. It is also important before hiring to know the reputation of the company.

Finally, if you want to go deeper into the subject, here you can learn about the main characteristics that your hosting should have.