Weather stations controlled by iPhone

HomeKit increasingly has more compatible gadgets, this makes the possibilities for users to control aspects and devices of the home grow proportionally. One of these accessories is the weather stations, which allow you to control all the weather both inside and outside the home, and all this from your own iPhone.

Weather stations controlled by iPhone

Characteristics of the stations

Before going into talking about the different weather stations that we want to recommend you in this post and their different accessories, you have to know what are the key points that you have to assess when getting a device of this type. In this way you can choose the device that best suits your needs.

  • You have to be clear about the place where you are going to place the weather station, since there are indoor or outdoor stations.
  • What parameters do you want to have controlled? Not all stations offer the same parameters, and in some cases, in addition to the station, you will have to purchase a specific device that provides this measurement.
  • Do you want to receive alerts? Some weather stations are capable of providing you with fully personalized alerts, therefore, if this is one of your needs, make sure that the one you are going to buy has it.
  • Does it come with accessories? This is important and, as you will see in this same post, there are certain stations that need to have an accessory to better perform the measurement.

Netatmo Weather Stations

Netatmo is the main manufacturer of meteorological stations compatible with HomeKit, therefore, it is the brand that has the most products and also, the one that provides higher quality products for all users who need to have the environmental situation well controlled from their iPhone both of your house as well as the exterior of it.

Netatmo Wireless Weather Station Indoor Outdoor

Netatmo Estación Meteorológica con protector

This weather station has one of the key characteristics of this type of product, and that is that it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors, so you can use it both indoors, in your garden or patio. The parameters that it measures by default are temperature , humidity , air quality , noise level, or barometric pressure .

However, Netatmo, as we will see later, also has a wide variety of devices that are capable of adding possibilities to this station, with which you can also configure alerts in real time to notify you of any modification that you have configured. previously. It will also allow you to access all data remotely and even with your voice. In addition, in this case, the pack incorporates a protector for the transmitter, in this way you can place it in a much safer way outside.

Netatmo NWS01-EC Indoor Outdoor Wireless Weather Station

Netatmo Estación Meteorológica

This weather station is the same as the one we told you about previously, but with a small difference that you have to take into account, and that is that it does not have any protector to be able to place it outside in the proper way. Therefore, this pack is much more aimed at all users who want to have a weather station inside the house or simply inside an enclosure.

With it you can measure parameters such as temperature , humidity , air quality , noise level or barometric pressure . It also gives you the possibility of establishing different alerts so that you are warned when a value goes down or rises above the configuration that you have established. Another differential feature is that you can access all data regardless of where you are and when, all from your iPhone.

Complementary accessories

As we mentioned before, one of the points by which Netatmo stands out in this way within the world of home automation accessories, and in this specific case, in weather stations is due to the large number of accessories it provides to personalize your station to your liking.

Additional Module for Netatmo Weather Station

Modulo adicional Netatmo

The Netatmo station by default is composed of two different modules, however, depending on the needs of the users, purchasing one or more additional modules to have many more rooms or many more places controlled can be very helpful, and for This, the brand itself allows you to acquire all that you need.

Netatmo NWA01-WW Anemometer for Netatmo Weather Station

Anemómetro Netatmo

When it comes to adding troops to the Netatmo station, it is not only the additional modules that you can purchase, as there are other devices that will allow you to have much more specific parameters controlled. One of them is this Anemometer that will allow you to measure the evolution of the wind , as well as its speed or direction at all times.

Netatmo NRG01-WW Wireless Rain Gauge for Netatmo Weather Station

Pluviómetro Netatmo

We go with another accessory for the Weather Station, in this case a Rain Gauge that will allow you to know the level of rainfall in real time. Even with this, you will have access to a history that will allow you to follow the evolution of the rain. You can also set alerts so that the moment it starts to rain, your iPhone will notify you of it.

Stations of the rest of the brands

Once we have already told you about Netatmo and the entire ecosystem that you can form with its different devices, it is time to give prominence to other brands that also have high-quality devices and that will surely delight all users who want have the whole environment of your home well controlled.

Eve Weather – Smart Weather Station

Eve Weather

This weather station of the Eve brand, which is one of the companies that has more products compatible with HomeKit, has the possibility of registering, with a really small device, numerous parameters such as temperature , humidity , atmospheric pressure outside, and even instantly view weather trends on your iPhone.

Its design is very elegant , made of anodized aluminum, with IPX4 certification for water resistance. It is fully compatible with HomeKit, so you can use Siri to ask any aspect of the weather conditions that this station is capable of measuring and recording. In addition, you can be calm about what this device will do with your different data, since these do not come out of it at any time.

ACMHNC Wifi Weather Station with Phone App

ACMHNC Estación

In this case, the ACMHNC brand has a station that, although it is not compatible with HomeKit, does have an application so that users can access all the information that it is capable of providing, from the iPhone itself. . It has an LCD screen with 4 levels of backlight where you will also have available the information of the station itself.

This station provides you with the weather forecast for the next four days, at the same time that it collects parameters such as temperature and humidity, both outside and inside, barometric pressure and weather speed. It is a much simpler station than Netatmo, but it can be used perfectly to have this information at home and on your iPhone.

WLAN Weather Station with 3 Outdoor Sensors

Estación Meteorológica WLAN

This Weather station comes from the EACHEN brand, and it is a very interesting option to be able to have certain environmental parameters controlled inside the house. In addition, this station is compatible with the Smart Life and Google Weather application , so you can access all the data that it collects through them.

However, it also has a screen through which it shows the parameters collected by the three sensors that this Weather Station has to measure temperature, humidity, trend and data history. It also has the ability to configure smart message alerts.

SwitchBot Hygrometer Indoor


We end this compilation of Weather Stations with a really simple and inexpensive alternative offered in this case by the SwitchBot brand. It is a device that is designed to be able to easily monitor the environment, to be able to have information related to temperature and humidity on your iPhone.

In addition, despite having a very cheap price, it has two of the key functions that we mentioned at the beginning of this post, and that is that it is fully compatible with HomeKit , and in addition, it also allows you to set alerts so that you can be aware when a value exceeds an upper or lower limit that you have previously established.

Which one are we left with?

Whenever we carry out a compilation of products, from the ITIGIC writing team we like to tell you of all the options it has been the one that has caught our attention the most. However, you have to bear in mind that this is our point of view, totally subjective and subject to specific needs and tastes, so it may or may not be in line with your opinion.

Obviously the highest quality and most complete option is the one offered by Netatmo , since not only can you have access to the Weather Station, but it also has several accessories to use to measure more specific environmental parameters. However, the inexpensive and simple option that SwitchBot offers is ideal for those users who do not want to be complicated in terms of functions or price, and want to start with an option that is very positive quality / price ratio.