We do not expect to see a PS5 Pro in 2024, and these are the reasons

There is nothing more negative and bad than creating rumors of false products that will come out in the short or medium term in order to stop the purchase of others that already exist. To the tiresome and boring pounding of the Switch Pro, a new one has now been added, that of the PS5 Pro . For what reasons do we not believe it exists? Read on to find out.

One of the worst things you can do is fall into the Osborne Effect, that is, make an announcement too early about a product that is not yet on sale and that can negatively affect the purchasing interest of potential users. However, it is often used as a throwing weapon against competing products to curb their commercial success. Is the PS5 Pro such a case?

PS5 Pro

Three reasons why we think we won’t see PS5 Pro

There are several reasons why the rumor of a possible PS5 Pro does not make any sense and no, it is not that we have Nostradamus’s crystal ball, but a series of indicators that allow us to know that the rumor is going to come to nothing, but that we have decided to order and explain them. Of course, SONY itself can make a 180º turn at the last minute and deny what we are saying in this article, but for the moment there are more things against an eventual PS5 Pro.

The SONY Interactive of now is different from that of a few years ago

We can define every company through three elements for analysis: resources are what it has available to do things, processes are how it does things and, therefore, its abilities to develop products and services, and motivations are ethics. which is where you want to focus the previous two items. It is important to know that a directive is not the same as a previous or subsequent one.


The current SONY board of directors with Jim Ryan at the helm, despite the fact that it has launched two versions of PS5 on the market, has not launched one that is more powerful than the other, they only differ in that one has an optical reader and the other does not. An opposite policy, to that of Microsoft‘s Xbox Series, where Series S and Series X, despite using the same architecture, both have totally different hardware configurations.

Therefore, the mentality of the current PlayStation is not aligned with the idea of launching a PS5 Pro on the market and there would have to be a transition that we are not aware of at SONY at the moment, which implies a change of management and plans underway that we are unaware of. for the console to exist.

PS4 Pro did not sell what was expected

The most staunch fans of the company have a hard time accepting the company’s fiascoes, it is a trauma to recognize that like any other company formed by human beings, PlayStation makes mistakes and messes up from time to time. Although PS4 Pro did not reach the “success” levels of things like the PlayStation Classic, the first PS VR, its latest portable console and a long list of products, it must be based on the fact that it only sold 20% of the volume of the normal model.

PS5 PS4 Pro

Well, we don’t think SONY wants to repeat the experience again in the form of a PS5 Pro, so this would be the second reason why we should rule it out.

PS5 is going from strength to strength, a Pro version is not needed

No matter what your opinion of the console, PS5 is a success and booming in terms of sales and one product is only replaced or overshadowed by another due to the fact that its interest is declining and, therefore, the fact that it will have a long life like its predecessors is a fact. What’s more, we should see the Pro model as an exception and not as the norm itself.

30 millones PS5 Jim Ryan

In any case, and finally, if SONY had a PlayStation with a larger capacity in the bedroom, which would not be surprising, this does not mean that it will appear. But it would make more sense that in the event that PS5 fell out of favor than for marketing reasons, SONY would call its future console PS6, instead of the confusing PS5 Pro.