You can now watch the channel with Tarantino's favorite movies for free on Tivify

All subscribers to the Tivify streaming television service can now enjoy Runtime Trash totally free , a channel that comes with the banner of enjoying the broadcast of some of the favorite movies of movie geniuses like Quentin Tarantino or Eli Roth. The channel is included in all the plans and is going to witness the broadcast of series B productions such as Nuclear Storm or The Jurassic Games, where humans have to fight against dinosaurs.

If you like B-movies, those productions that have been shot with little means and in which the directors give free rein to all their imaginations without the control of the Hollywood empires, you will be happy to know that Tivify has just added a new channel dedicated to them. It is called Runtime Trash, which you can already imagine what it means considering that if Runtime Action is dedicated to action movies and Runtime Comedy focuses on comedy, in this case the channel focuses on trash (“trash ” in English). Of course, adapting the channel’s name to our language would make it lose that dandy elegance with which it is presented and with which, why deny it, viewers have instantly begun to fall in love with it.

now watch the channel with Tarantino's favorite movies for free on Tivify

The movies that nobody dares to broadcast

Against all odds, what Runtime Trash offers is an ace up Tivify’s sleeve , which shows that it doesn’t understand concepts or standards to reach everyone and provide something that very few would be willing to offer. As if it were born from the hand of the famous Cutrecon that takes place in the capital, the channel lands with a shock wave that will possibly generate many reactions among lovers of good cinema.

The movies that are going to be seen on dial 45 deserve to be enjoyed with a good bag of popcorn, a soft drink and with an open Twitter account to mention the most hilarious scenes. They are films that you might never have considered renting online, but they will catch your eye. Everything you could have imagined seeing in places like the aforementioned Cutre Madrid International Film Festival is represented in this new bet from Tivify that leaves no one indifferent. That includes impossible monster movies with cardboard or plastic showing in their jaws, apocalyptic-type disaster productions in which their leads act like they haven’t been paid to do it, or gory movies full of splatter or art. martial arts in which the essence of Asian cinema from the 70s and 80s is recovered.

A free channel with Spanish content

It’s free and has been attached to all plans. It is a gift from Tivify so that the public can connect with the works of directors from all over the world, some of them internationally famous, but who have small films like these that they have shot at one time or another in their careers. There is also a place for Spanish cinema . The channel has productions directed by names such as Jesús Franco, Paul Naschy, José R. Larraz or Juan Piquer Simón.

Among the movies that can be seen on the channel are titles like Arachnid, 2067, HellRide, Blood Money or the classic among classics Night of the Living Dead. There is also the chance to see artists from our country that are priceless, from Santiago Segura in Beyond Re-animator to Marta Sánchez in Supernova. And although I’m sure he enjoys many of these productions, in case you’re still wondering, Quentin Tarantino’s favorite movie that you can see on the channel is A Thousand Screams at Night.