How to Watch and Comment on Movies with Friends on Prime Video

One of the greatest advantages of living in a world as connected as today is, without a doubt, having the possibility of doing some things with our loved ones without the need to be physically with them.

For example, thanks to video calls we can talk and look into the eyes of anyone regardless of where they are in the world, we can take classes or have work meetings and we can even talk to our doctor to ask any questions without having to go in person at the consultation.

Watch and Comment on Movies with Friends on Prime Video

But in addition to this we can play board games online and of course, we can watch multimedia content with our friends or family and comment on it as if we were sitting on the same sofa.

One of the platforms that currently offers this feature is Amazon Prime Video. Jeff Bezos’ company premiered it in June 2020 for Prime customers in the United States under the name Watch Party , but it is now available in the rest of the territories including Spain. In our country the function is called Group Video and if you want to know what it is, what it offers and how it works, we recommend that you keep reading because we are going to explain absolutely everything about it below.

What is Prime Video Group Video?

As we told you a few lines above, Group Video is a new function included natively in the Amazon streaming service with which you can enjoy all the content that includes the service while you chat with other people. In this way the experience is less colder and more like a close experience with friends.

It is a function similar to others that we have seen in the format of extensions for the browser such as Netflix Party or on third-party websites such as Watch2Gether, but that Amazon has included in its service so that you do not have to leave it at any time.

Characteristics to consider

Group Video allows up to 100 Amazon Prime Video users to watch content simultaneously, that is, in the same minute and second, and to be able to comment on what they are seeing in a chat that is shown in the service itself. Remember that in order to use Prime Video you must be an Amazon Prime customer. The cost of the subscription is 36 euros per year in a single payment or 3.99 euros per month.

To be able to start using Group Video, you just have to be subscribed, you don’t need to download anything in any of the service’s applications as it is a completely native function.

It is important to note that, at the moment, Prime Video Group Video cannot be used on mobile devices such as phones or tablets, since it is only available in the web version of the platform and for all browsers except Safari.

In addition, the tool can only be used with content included in your national subscription, that is, if you have an account in Spain you will not be able to use it with Amazon Prime Video content from the United States or another country, nor will you be able to use it with users whose subscriptions are from other countries.

How to use Group Video

First, open your computer’s browser and log in your credentials on the Amazon Prime website. When you have accessed, look for the movie or series you want to see. If you go down the screen of the content tab you will see an option that says “Group Video” with a confetti icon, right next to the options Share, Comments and Get help. If this function does not appear on the tab, it is not available to be used.

Once located, click now on the Group Video option to start using it. You will see on the right side that a chat column appears, that is where the messages that you and the rest of the users are sending will be displayed. But before this, write the name that you want to be shown in the text box that says “Write your name” and click “Create group video”.

At the next point you have to invite those Prime user friends with whom you want to share the viewing of the chosen content. For this you have two options:

Copy the link: if you choose this option, you just have to click on the corresponding button and the link to join the chat will be copied to your clipboard. Next, go to the messaging service or social network you want and paste the link so that other users can click on it and join.

Once they have clicked on the browser on their computer, it will redirect them to a screen where they only have to write their name and click on “Join Group Video”.

Share: if, on the contrary, you choose this option, clicking on it will open a menu with the options to send by email automatically, publish on Facebook (on your wall) or publish on Twitter (with a tweet).

Once you have created the chat and the users join, you can send messages in the right margin column from the lower text box, as if it were a normal chat. In addition, by clicking on the image icon on the left side of the box, we can display a series of animated stickers provided by the service and whose protagonist is a friendly puppy.

Finally, the user who creates the chat is the one who has control over the video playback and every time he makes a change such as pause, rewind or advance, this will be shown in the chat as well. Similarly, only the creator of the chat can end it. To do this, you just have to click on the “Settings” icon at the top of the chat and go down to the bottom of the screen to click on “End group chat”. Remember that when you finish it, the members will be able to continue watching the video on their own, but they will no longer be able to comment in the chat.