Watch Apple TV + for free this summer


Accessing Apple TV+ for free remains a possibility even after the conclusion of the 6-month complimentary offer with a PS5. Although the array of available content might not be as extensive as that found on Disney+, HBO Max, or Prime Video, it still serves as a commendable option for those seeking original programming. Here’s how you can make the most of this opportunity.

As you navigate into August and beyond, you might be contemplating the exploration of alternative platforms to supplement your Netflix experience. Among these contenders is Apple TV+, renowned for its collection of original movies, series, and supplementary offerings such as content rentals or additional subscriptions—like the option to view Leo Messi’s exploits in the MLS.

Prominent titles within the Apple TV+ lineup encompass Ted Lasso, Separation, Kidnapping on the Air, Foundation, and The Crowded Room, among various other selections. To glean insights into how you can secure complimentary access to Apple TV+, consider the following steps. Additionally, it’s worth noting that a 7-day trial is also available, providing an avenue to evaluate the platform’s worth before committing to the free months on offer.

Three months free with MediaMarkt

For this summer, MediaMarkt presents a compelling option: the opportunity to secure 3 complimentary months of Apple TV+. To capitalize on this offer from the renowned retailer, visit their website and click on “Redeem now.” It’s essential to note that this promotion grants you three months devoid of any charges and is exclusively accessible within Spain. Following this promotional period, the subscription fee amounts to 6.99 euros per month.

apple tv mediamarkt

A set of stipulations, established by both the platform and the store, govern the acquisition of these free months. You must be at least 14 years old to qualify, and the offer is exclusively valid for new subscribers. If you previously possessed an Apple ID, unfortunately, it won’t make you eligible for these complimentary months of Apple TV+. In this scenario, you’ll need to initiate the creation of a new Apple ID from scratch. A noteworthy aspect is that this can be achieved directly from the manufacturer’s website, eliminating the requirement for you to possess a signature Apple device.

Upon successfully redeeming the promotion, you’ll have the liberty to install the Apple TV+ application on a variety of compatible devices, even if they aren’t Apple products. These encompass the likes of PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, smart TVs such as LG and Samsung models, as well as Chromecast by Google and Amazon Fire TV, among several other options.

When buying an Apple device

If you’ve recently acquired an Apple device within the past 90 days, you’re in luck—the opportunity to partake in this promotion awaits. Previously, the American tech giant extended the window to a full year for users to avail themselves of this offer for complimentary access to Apple TV+. However, the duration has now been condensed to three months, ensuring you can swiftly tap into this promotion.

iPhone 14

Bear in mind that the three-month complimentary period applies when you purchase a new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Mac. However, there are several conditions that merit consideration:

  1. You cannot apply for this free 3-month subscription if you are already subscribed to the platform.
  2. This promotion cannot be combined with Apple One, other Apple TV+ promotions, or ongoing free trials.

It’s imperative to note that to activate the offer, you’ll need to sign in using an Apple ID. Moreover, there’s a 90-day window from the first setup of your Apple device during which you can seize the 3-month free subscription. This means that if you haven’t completed the initial device configuration yet, there’s no need to worry—the promotion remains accessible and won’t expire.