Watch 2 channels at the same time in Movistar Plus+

The way we watch television has completely changed in recent years. And it is that, there are already many people who follow different channels at the same time from different devices. Especially when there are sporting events or temporary events that have an impact. Well, if you are a Movistar Plus+ customer, this option will be of great help.

Basically, because thanks to this simple functionality, which we find on the operator’s platform, you will be able to watch two channels at the same time on Movistar Plus+. How is it possible? Here we explain everything.

Watch 2 channels at the same time in Movistar Plus+

Two channels simultaneously

Today it is more than usual that we are watching TV while we are with the mobile, the tablet, etc. And this is because we are already multiscreen users . For this reason, the fact that we are aware of two channels at the same time is not a problem of any kind. What’s more, for many people it is even easy to follow the contents of both channels at the same time.

In addition, thanks to the arrival of streaming platforms, now we are the ones who decide what to watch, when and how we want to watch a series, movie, television program… And, therefore, if we want to watch two channels at the same time , if you have Movistar Plus+ it is even easier.

This is possible on the Movistar platform thanks to the ‘Picture in Picture’ function, which is how this tool is known, which allows us to see one image over another. Also known under the name of PiP .

The PiP function in Movistar Plus+

This PiP mode that we find within the Movistar platform makes things easier for us. More than anything, because we can watch two television channels at the same time without much problem. Specifically, it allows us to watch two TV channels at the same time at the choice of each user. With this, what is achieved is that one of the channels that we select is displayed large, while the other channel is kept in a small window. As we can see in the following image:

Función PIP Movistar Plus+ ver dos canales

Keep in mind that the sound of the channel that will play is that of the main one. Therefore, the other’s audio will remain silent. In any case, you can invert the position of both channels. To access this functionality, you must have a UHD deco and a fiber optic connection .

Once we meet these requirements, we must bear in mind that this function is compatible with most channels, although not all. Now, we only have to know how to access the Movistar Plus+ PiP function . When you are on any channel, access the mini guide and scroll to the PiP icon. Then tap ‘Ok’ on the controller. In this way, the tuned channel is fixed in the upper right corner.

In addition, as we mentioned before, we can change the position of the channels without problems. And, remember, that the sound will only be heard from the main channel, that is, the one that is displayed in full screen on the television and not the one that appears in the small window in the upper right corner.