VPN for Windows: why you need it and how to use it?

vpn for windows

Are you 100% sure that your browsing is safe? Even if you’re aware of some risks and try to avoid suspicious websites, your presence online is not invisible. Besides, hackers do not sleep and, unfortunately, having an antivirus software is not enough to be completely protected these days. So, how to use the Internet safely? Consider installing a VPN (Virtual Private Network) software for Windows. What are the main features of this system, and why should you have it on your device?

Why do you need VPN for Windows?

There are two main reasons to consider installing VPN software, especially if you spend a lot of time online. These two issues are security and privacy.

  1. Security. VPN protects your data when surfing on the web. It’s especially useful when you send sensitive data or use a public Wi-Fi network. Filling in questionnaires, registering to the doctor, creating an online account – all these activities are safer with a VPN. The software protects you from potential hackers’ attacks by creating the encrypted “tunnel” for your data.
  2. Privacy. As mentioned above – the military-grade encryption makes your activity on the Internet invisible to other users. What’s more, your Internet Service Provider won’t be able to see what you do online. VPN changes your IP address, so your apparent localization is changed. That means you’re much more anonymous online.

Other useful functions of VPN

Besides the basic advantages, VPN for Windows offers some additional benefits. For instance:

  • often you can download files, videos and other content without limits, which means no huge slowdowns;
  • you’re able to visit almost any site in the world (even if some of them are unavailable in your country);
  • your favorite content (e.g. in streaming entertainment services) is in your reach when you travel and cannot access it due to some restrictions;
  • there are useful add-ons for Chrome or Firefox which make the use of VPN software even more convenient;
  • good VPN software allows you access to servers in many countries.

How to use VPN for Windows?

First, you need to download the software from the company site. There are usually two versions: free and premium. You can upgrade to premium anytime you need any additional features. Then install it on your computer or smartphone following the instructions in the installer.

After installation, choose one of the available locations and turn the VPN on. You can switch between locations 10 times a day in the free version and 100 times a day in the premium version of softwares like Tuxler VPN for example.

The interface of a VPN software is simple and intuitive. You shouldn’t encounter any problems when using it. In case you have any questions, you can always check the FAQ section online or contact the technical support.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an effective solution for many safety issues. It is dedicated for personal as well as business use, especially for remote workers. We encourage you to install this kind of software on your computer with Windows operating system. Do not neglect your privacy online!