Vodafone 5G Reality, the operator points to the metaverse

Vodafone presented its Vodafone 5G Lab this morning in Madrid, a new space at its Vodafone Plaza headquarters to promote the development of 5G applications and services with the collaboration of Samsung and Ericsson. At that event, they have also shown their commitment to the metaverse with a virtual and interactive service to be enjoyed from the smartphone and with Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality glasses. It’s called Vodafone 5G Reality and they’ve been working on the project for more than a year.

During this year alone, more than 200 developers, companies and start-ups will go through Vodafone 5G Lab to work with its high-speed 5G network . The red operator will help them create the future of gaming, drones or the autonomous car through artificial intelligence, machine learning or Big Data.

Vodafone 5G Reality

With this project, they aspire to become a fundamental co-creation space and thus take advantage of continuing to be pioneers and benchmarks in the deployment and use of 5G networks and services in Spain. This is what Marta de Pablos , head of 5G marketing at Vodafone Spain, has explained.

For his part, Daniel Molero, Samsung’s director of mobility sales, explained that “It is a project that generates innovation and has the ambition to provide economic value to entrepreneurs and companies. As a result of this collaboration, 5G value-added services will be generated for the consumer ”. In the case of Francisco Romar , Ericsson’s Key Account Manager, he explained that “This new project with Vodafone is a clear commitment to our commitment to continue opening new paths to stimulate business development and society in general thanks to 5G connectivity ”.

Vodafone 5G Reality arrives

In addition to the above, the operator has announced Vodafone 5G Reality, the first interactive virtual service created in Spain in which customers can enjoy fully immersive experiences. As we have already highlighted, they have been working for more than a year to take full advantage of the benefits of the 5G network in terms of speed and latency.

We know that Vodafone 5G Reality can be enjoyed from our mobile phone always accompanied by Augmented Reality glasses and Virtual Reality glasses . The first Vodafone customers are already beginning to test the product and it is expected that during the first half of 2022 it will be opened to everyone.

Basically, it is Vodafone’s commitment to the metaverse with a service that allows them to “immerse themselves in a different world where they can live adventures and be the protagonists of the story. Thus, they will be able to attend concerts with their friends, record themselves with their favorite celebrities from their living room, travel the world, learn as a family, enjoy adrenaline experiences or relax under a starry sky, all virtually ”.