Vivo X90 Pro vs. iPhone 14 Pro Max: Which Camera Reigns Supreme?

Vivo X90 Pro stands in the hearts of the people as a top-shelf device with outstanding features beyond this appraised price for them. Although it is not one of the most affordable models, it costs approximately one thousand Euros; however, it is quite helpful due to the following specifications.

vivo x90 pro

Stellar Display and Performance

The main features of the model are the Vivo X90 Pro is equipped with a 6. 80MH FHD + AMOLED display with a frequency of 120 Hz, which allows you to obtain high-quality and bright imagery. With the support of the Vivo V2 high-efficiency processor and enjoying 12GB of physical random access memory this phone provides smooth multi-tasking and quick response. Also, It has a 256 GB storage capacity and a powerful 120W fast charging battery.

Exceptional Camera System

The Vivo X90 Pro stands out with a ZEISS branded triple camera system on the back of the model. The smartphone rocks a 50MP pro-level main lens which takes gorgeous photos and videos and offers upgrade features such as 4K HDR night videography, hyper-bright supermoon shots, and flared-portrait. This camera setup makes it one of the most recommended options for anyone, be it a hobbyist or a professional photographer.

Enhanced Connectivity and Durability

The Vivo X90 Pro has all the features that are relevant in today’s connectivity list, eSIM, NFC, and OTG support are available here. It also has an IP68 rating, which means this gadget will be protected from both water and dust.

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Those who touched on the Vivo X90 Pro have a lot of positive things to say, especially regarding the device’s camera. One Amazon reviewer noted:

I had the X70 Pro+ for a while, then the X80 Pro and currently the X90 Pro, there is nothing that beats it in photo quality Still the best in HDR control of lights and shadows today, I use it for my work.

Another user highlighted its perfect suitability for capturing family memories:Another user highlighted its perfect suitability for capturing family memories:

“We needed a mobile phone with a good camera to capture beautiful moments of a newborn and memorable shots,” For several days, we chose the Vivo X90 Pro.

Comparing with Competitors

Some of the user reviews go the extreme of comparing the phone to devices like the iPhone 14 Pro Max, stressing on how the camera on the Vivo X90 Pro is even better than the latter. Other than the camera, the phone is quite fast in terms of overall performance, fast charging ability, and the very neat android operating system the manufacturer used.

Price and Availability

This is with reference to price which is a factor of concern given that the mobile phone is offered as from €678 on platforms such as AliExpress to €1,201 on PC Components; however, it is considered as capable of offering the best if one is willing to part with the price. In case you are looking for your option below €600, then the Vivo X80 Pro will be a great pick.

Final Thoughts

To many people, the Vivo X90 Pro is so thought of as one of the best Android smartphones in the market, especially for those that are enthusiasts of good quality photo capturing. It’s a powerhouse, with great performance score and an impressive camera set; to that you add the stylish, slim factor of its metal casing and it is a clear contender for the premium smartphone consumer market.