Vivo X51 vs OPPO Reno4 Pro: Which Is the Best High-end?

This year we have been participants in the arrival of a new range of devices that fits between the mid-range and the highest range, a category where we find large smartphones with reduced prices. Among all the models, the newcomer vivo X51 and the OPPO Reno 4 Pro are two of the best exponents.

When deciding on one or the other we are faced with a small problem, as it will not be easy at all since we will find similar specifications that make us doubt. With the intention that the purchase decision is as simple as possible, we are going to know one by one the main points where we should look when buying a new smartphone, we will know their prices and we will choose which is the most suitable for us.

Premium design, different materials and a single winner

In this first section where we stop we find the first differences, because just by seeing them with the naked eye we realize that the selfie camera module does coincide in a hole taken to the end of the screen, but nevertheless the rear cameras change . In the vivo smartphone the cameras have a great prominence due to their size and meanwhile in the OPPO model we find something more classic.

vivo x51 diseño

Construction materials are a point that we must not lose sight of as they will make a difference in the short and long term. In this case the vivo X51 has premium materials and OPPO has nothing to do. Glass and metal predominate in the X51 5G, transmitting in the hand the feeling of being in front of a mobile of thousands of euros. Against this, the aluminum alloy of the OPPO Reno 4 Pro has little to do and what to say about it.

Cinema screens

Whether we like movies, series or games, the screen of both models is designed to spend hours and enjoy them. This is possibly one of the points where it is more difficult to choose one or the other when we find Amoled panels of similar measures with 6.5 inches, although its small details may make us opt for the vivo X51.

We have an identical refresh rate of up to 90 Hz, which at the time of the response offers us 180 Hz in both cases. Surely in the day to day a section that is decisive for you as for many other users is the brightness, because there are times when in full sunlight we cannot see the screen clearly and that is when we miss a higher maximum brightness . This is where OPPO loses against the vivo X51 as the latter reaches 1300 cd / m² against the 1100 cd / m² of OPPO.

diseño oppo reno 4 pro

They share a curved screen on the sides of the device and HDR 10+ technology. To protect the screens we also find resistance to scratches and scratches, something that cannot be lacking in this range.

Power in abundance

The time has come to know the brain of operations, where these two smartphones coincide with the Snapdragon 765G , a powerful Qualcomm processor that offers us a clock frequency of up to 2.4 GHz and is manufactured in 7 nanometers. There will be no application that resists us and neither a game that is made impossible by integrating the Qualcomm Adreno 620 GPU.

As for the memory options, both share 256 GB memory so that we do not lack anything and only the OPPO is superior in adding 12 GB of RAM to the 8 GB of vivo. The tie is once again present in memory technologies where the RAM is LPDDR 4X and the internal memory of the UFS 2.1 type.

Multiple cameras and a single winner

Mobile photography offers us more and more possibilities and that is something that we have very much in mind in this comparison as it has one of the best exponents for its benefits, we refer to the vivo X51, a smartphone that is more than known for its integrated Gimbal. Before moving on to this section, we are going to know everything that is around you and your rival.

The main lenses are 48 Mpx in both cases, but not identical , since the vivo X51 improves the aperture and offers us a ƒ / 1.6 that allows us to capture more light even at night in the most difficult situations. At this point the size of the sensor has a lot to say, which at first glance already shows us that we are facing something big.

camara vivo x51

The next lens that we find in the two is the wide angle that works as a macro mode in both phones and where the numbers should not deceive us. OPPO mentions that it has 48 Mpx in this case and I live 8 Mpx but in practice the sensor technology has shown us a very similar level of detail.

In long distances we can see how vivo points much further with its 8 Mpx lens that offers us up to a 60x digital zoom that, helped in this fantastic Gimbal, allows many users. By contrast, the OPPO makes do with a 20x digital zoom. But, the vivo X51 adds an extra 13MP sensor that achieves the best crop when taking portraits and taking advantage of photography.

We cannot forget about selfies, which, captained by the same 32 Mpx lens, achieve great results at practically any time and situation, no matter how complicated it may be, when helped by artificial intelligence and scene composition.

The great importance of the Gimbal in the vivo X51

We note that in some sections we may have doubts about the decision, although there is a final point where we will finish recognizing that the best cameras are in the vivo X51 and it is neither more nor less than due to its integrated Gimbal. The OPPO Reno has little to do with what the vivo X51 achieves in video and photographs with the 5-axis stabilizer that far exceeds expectations in a smartphone.

camara gimbal vivo x51

Combining everything we had seen in their cameras and this fabulous addition, we can make videos that seem made by professionals without hardly complicating ourselves, we will only have to hold the mobile, record and enjoy fabulous memories no matter how much our pulse trembles when holding the mobile . The integrated gimbal will take care of adapting the movements so that they are not perceived in the video.

Battery and connectivity for reference

Given that we are facing very well-equipped models, 5G technology could not be lacking either, which will allow us to have a device designed to last over time and thus be able to navigate faster. Along with this we also find NFC, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and the option of using two SIM cards at the same time.

oppo reno 4 pro carga rapida bateria

Turning to the battery, things do change in these two phones because comparing the vivo X51 and the OPPO Reno 4 Pro we observe a greater capacity and autonomy in vivo thanks to the 4,315 mAh that pass over OPPO and its 4,020 mAh. It is true that in fast charging OPPO adds up to 65W, but I live and its 33W does not collapse and allows the mobile to be charged in just 1 hour, having to resort less times to charge it due to its larger battery.

Vivo’s software vs. OPPO

We reach a very important point for users since it will be the one that is present every time we unlock the mobile through the fingerprint that we have on the screen in both cases. On the one hand, the vivo X51 integrates the FunTouch OS 10 layer based on Android 10 and OPPO Color OS 7 also based on the penultimate version of Android, but both are already looking at the next step, which is Android 11.

android 11

Faced with this long-awaited update, we find an important live jump to enjoy FunTouch OS based on Android 11 , a system that renews the options in the hands of the latest version of Android. With more customization options and becoming one of the first to receive Android 11, specifically before the end of the year. All this leaves ColorOS 11 in a complicated position, which will be the update for the OPPO Reno 4 Pro that, although it also promises and a lot, is less innovative.

Prices and purchase recommendation

Finally we will talk about the prices, which are very different and will leave us the decision on a platter. To start, the vivo X51 stands at 699 euros in Spain, a much better price than the 799 euros for the OPPO Reno 4 Pro. The important difference of 100 euros will be key when choosing.

In our opinion the vivo X51 has proven to be an ideal mobile for several reasons such as its cameras with integrated Gimbal, higher battery, premium construction materials, screen and of course the software, but what makes the decision clear is the price. so that we save a good pinch and also have the best mobile.