How to view security camera notifications on Apple TV

September not only brought with it the launch of each and every one of the new iPhone 13s, but also the launch of new versions of Apple‘s operating systems. Among them iOS 15, the one with the most covers. But there is also a new tvOS 15 and with it come some interesting news for the connected home. One that might interest you is receiving notifications from your HomeKit-compatible surveillance cameras . So let’s see how to configure them.

HomeKit and security cameras

view security camera notifications on Apple TV

Apple’s platform for the control of connected devices in the home has grown over the years, both in compatible devices and in options. For some users it is not yet at the level of other options, but for others it not only offers everything you need but also privacy-focused options that are much more interesting than other possible extras.

In particular, the measures that Apple has been adding when using devices such as security cameras are the main ones. Because it must be admitted that for a good number of users the use of cameras inside the home continues to generate doubts due to privacy issues. Hence, Apple’s solution is one of the most attractive when it comes to these types of cases or needs.

How to add security cameras to HomeKit

If you are one of the users who bet on HomeKit, you will already know that adding a security camera to your smart home is very simple, you basically have to open the Home application on your iPhone, iPad or Mac and click to add a new accessory.

Once inside, from said application you will be able to access all the recorded content to check what is happening. What’s more, if you subscribe to iCloud + you can even see the last 10 days of activity that the camera has been capturing.

According to the contracted iCloud + plan, you will be able to see that material captured for a single camera with the 50GB plan, five for the 200GB plan and up to an unlimited number for the 2TB plan.

tvOS and surveillance camera support

Now that you have your security camera configured within your HomeKit product ecosystem, you should know that the latest version of tvOS has introduced interesting improvements. Which increase the appeal of Apple TV. Because, without underestimating the multiple possibilities of the device and its quality in most sections, it must also be recognized that its price is high.

If you take into account what a Chromecast with Google TV or the Amazon Fire TV Stick costs, the investment only compensates those who take advantage of the ecosystem and that implies HomeKit. Therefore, if you are one of these users, you will be interested to know that among the novelties of tvOS 15 is the possibility of receiving notifications from security cameras in a much more interesting way. What’s more, these notifications can be customized so that the experience is exactly what you want or want it to be.

And this is practical because you will not always have your iPhone or iPad at hand. There may be situations where you have left your devices charging and you are watching a series or movie on your television through Apple TV. That’s where this support for HomeKit-compatible surveillance camera notifications comes in handy.

How to set up a surveillance camera with Apple TV

Setting up a security camera with Apple TV is easy, as we have told you. So, now all you have to know is what are the requirements to be able to use these notifications through Apple TV:

  • Only compatible with Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K
  • Have the system updated to version 15 or higher

If you comply with everything, then you can configure the Apple set top box to be able to receive notifications in it when the camera or cameras (in case of having several) detect the presence of someone or something. How these notifications are activated and customized is what we tell you below step by step:

  1. The first step is to access the tvOS settings. To do this, on the home screen of your Apple TV look for the icon of the gears that give access to them
  2. Once inside, go to the AirPlay and HomeKit option
  3. When you have entered this section you will see that there is a section called Cameras and Doorbells
  4. When you access it, you will see a list of all the devices compatible with HomeKit, which in this case are smart cameras and doorbells
  5. In each of these you will see a menu that says Show on this Apple TV
  6. When you access it, what you can choose is when you will receive the notification: never, when a clip is recorded, when movement is detected or when a specific movement is detected (the latter will depend on the capabilities of each camera and are related to the detection of people, animals, vehicles or packages)
  7. Ready, from now on the cameras that you have selected and configured will begin to send you notifications so that you are attentive to what they capture

As you can see, everything is very simple and you will have a new way of controlling what is happening in your home. Something very useful if you live in a large one, with several plants or have cameras that point to the outside for some reason.

HomeKit Compatible Cameras

There are many and varied security cameras compatible with HomeKit, some of the most interesting for price and performance are the following:

Logitech Outdoor Security Camera

This Logitech outdoor security camera stands out precisely for that, for being able to be used outdoors without fear that different weather agents could damage it. It is not indestructible, but it is a good option if you want to monitor what happens in the vicinity of your home.

Eufy Outdoor Security Camera

Eufy also offers an outdoor security camera model, it is a somewhat more expensive pack, but it may be worth it for options and features.

Eufy security camera

The option for interiors and one of the cheapest you can find. Its benefits may be somewhat limited compared to other models, but to control your pet or that everything is correct is more than enough.

Aqara security camera

Lastly, while there are more HomeKit-compatible security cameras , there’s the Aqara model. One of the most interesting brands for price in all this of connected home devices compatible with the Apple platform.

So now you know, if you want to control your home and not miss anything, so you can know at all times from your Apple TV what is happening.