How to View and Download All Mobile Data Stored by Google

When we use our mobile, we also use a large number of Google services. Among the conditions that we accept when we use applications such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Files or YouTube itself , the recording and storage of our activity is included, which is available to us at any time.

Rarely do we stop to see how much of our activity Google has stored on its servers . When we browse Google websites, applications and services, some of the activities carried out are saved in our Google account. Most of this data is kept until we delete it, either manually or by defining periods to delete it automatically.

View and Download All Mobile Data Stored by Google

Access and download our data

But we can also download them, so they can serve as an alternative backup to the Google cloud. Only when we click on download and we see the gigabytes of data that only from us are stored on Google’s servers, we get an idea of the importance of having our personal information safely.

Access Google Takeout

We can download all this data at any time from Google Takeout, a web section where we are allowed to access all the information that Google has about us , related to the products we use from the search giant. In order to access our data, we will have to be logged in on our mobile with the Google account we want to access.

Choose what we want to download

Then we enter the Google Takeout section and select some or all of the Google products from which we want to download our data. In the next step we will have to choose how we want to download the file that is going to be generated. That is, we may receive a download link by email or through a service such as Drive. Dropbox, OneDrive or Box.

Export size and type

The next step is to select the type of export, which can be a .zip file or a .tgz file. In addition, we will select the maximum size of the file to download, since exceeding the limit that we establish, the file must be downloaded in several batches. If we do not have space problems we can mark the maximum of 50 GB since the weight of the resulting file depends a lot on each user.

Save and download

Once finished, Google will start generating the file with all our data. We will receive a link by email once the process is complete. However, keep in mind that this process can take from a few minutes to several days. The most common is to obtain the link the same day it is requested.

What if I don’t want Google to store anything?

We can also make Google stop saving all this activity. To do this we will have to open the Google app and touch on “Manage your Google account”. Once inside, at the top, we touch on “Data and personalization” and then on “Controls your account activity”. Now we will only have to deactivate the activity that we do not want to save.