Vibrate to Your Own Beat: Custom iPhone Notifications

In an age of personalization, iPhone users are not left behind in such quests. One such less-known but very useful feature is the one that allows a person to create custom vibration patterns for the notifications. This takes personalization to the next level, where users are even able to know who is calling and, better yet, which app is notifying them all by feeling in their pocket.

Here’s a quick guide on how you can take advantage of this feature to make your iPhone truly yours.

iPhone notification

Custom Haptic Vibrations:

A Step Towards Personalization Imagine being able to figure out that the call is from your best friend without even looking at the phone or the source of the text message, whether from an email or SMS, just by vibrations. This is the kind of convenience that custom haptic vibrations offer iPhone users. Beyond the realm of audible notifications, these vibrations provide a silent yet effective way to stay informed.

How to Create Your Own Vibration Patterns


Start by tapping your app’s settings from your home screen. You will then tap “Sounds & Haptics” to have your device’s active sounds and notifications settings updated.

Create New Vibration:

In one of the notifications, this option shall be found. Search for the option “Create New Vibration,” tap it, and get ready with an exercise to make your pattern. Create the Vibration: Your screen is a canvas for the creation of the vibration. Tap once on the button, one short vibration is generated; long press, one long vibration will be created. Play around with these sequences and see what you can come up with.

Naming and Saving:

Name the output according to your wish. Proceed to save after you are sure of the outcome.

Assigning Vibrations General Notifications:

After creating your vibration, you will apply it broadly to all sorts of notifications by choosing it from “Sounds and Vibration” set. Custom vibrations can be set for individual contacts: Associate a custom vibration with favorite people so that important calls or messages are even discernible without having to look at the screen. Edit a contact, then select a custom vibration for that contact’s ringtone or text tone.

Why Custom Vibrations Matter

That’s not something cool to tack on with the notifications; that’s access and convenience. Be it situations that don’t grant the privilege of sound to be on, or situations in which sound may not be desired, custom vibrations put you in the know without missing a beat.

Whether you need to tell at a glance between work and personal notifications or just know when a loved one is trying to reach you, custom vibrations can add a lot to the way you interact with your iPhone.


What the iPhone changes in this is the custom vibration feature, where essentially one can be able to say how they want to be notified, meaning one will easily know, for example, when they are getting a call, an SMS, or when an app is popping up on their screen without necessarily looking at the phone. Those very simple steps outlined above will absolutely change your Notifications experience and give you a much better, more understandable, more personable way of dealing with your iPhone.