uTorrent: the Best Program to Download Torrents

For several years now, everything related to the world of torrent file downloads through P2P networks has become popular worldwide. In the same way, these files, as well as the clients for it type uTorrent, have been surrounded by constant controversies.

To a large extent, all these controversies have been due to issues related to piracy of content subject to copyright. And it is that there are many users who have taken advantage of the internal technology of these elements, to pirate content with Copyright. Here come into play the aforementioned P2P networks, files in torrent format, or the software clients themselves. As an example, one of the best known and used in the world is uTorrent.


What is uTorrent and what can we use it for?

As with this program, and many others, they propose an interface from which to manage the upload and download of torrents to P2P networks. At the same time they offer us a series of own functions with which to optimize and personalize its operation. Of course, something that we must bear in mind is that these programs, despite their fame, are completely legal.

The illegality of the same is actually given by certain uses that some users make of them, not because the software is illegal as such. In fact, many of these proposals are open source , which is why many participate in their development. Well, once we have this clear, we must know that they are also used in many other environments. To give us an idea, torrenting is used by many companies to share their own projects, for example, both internally and with their clients.

utorrent interfaz principal

Thus, focusing on the aforementioned uTorrent, we are talking about a program widely spread in these conflicts and used by millions of users around the world. As you can imagine, this is a client that helps us both to upload and download files of this type.

An interface designed to make it easier for us to share torrents

It is more than possible that many of those who are going to start using P2P networks through u Torrent, do not want to complicate their lives very much. Aware of all this, the developers of the program try to facilitate the use of the program through its interface. Serve as an example that to start downloading one of these files , all you have to do is drag it to the central panel of the program to start the download as such.

At the same time we must bear in mind that u Torrent, once installed, will not need any additional configuration to function at first. In this way, the least experienced will be able to work with the program without having to touch any parameter .

What’s more, once we have loaded the torrent or torrents in the program’s interface, in addition to starting the download automatically, we will see a lot of progress information. All this data is located at the bottom of the main window of u Torrent and appears when you click on the file in question. So we can see everything related to the progress of the descent, which will be very helpful to get an idea of the time it will take to complete.

informacion descarga utorrent

How to upload and download torrents from uTorrent

As we mentioned before, to start downloading a certain torrent file, we can drag it directly to the program window. At the same time that is something we can do from the File / Add torrent menu. Also from this same menu we can select a torrent from an Internet URL, from an RSS feed, or a folder.

uTorrent menú archivo

But of course, we must bear in mind that this is an application that will not only help us when downloading these files. At the same time we will have the possibility to upload our own torrents to share with other users. The truth is that this is a task that uTorrent likewise makes easier for us. For this we go back to the File menu, but in this case we opted for Create new torrent.

Thus, in the window that appears we can already specify various parameters such as its properties, source, set a privacy , its seeds , etc. This is already something that will require some knowledge on the subject, but it is not complicated.

utorrent subir torrent

Configure and customize the program

These are the basic concepts, in addition to the most common and used, when working with a program of these characteristics. But at the same time and how could it be otherwise, it presents us with a good number of functions to customize. These will allow us to adapt u Torrent to our needs depending on the type of use we make, our Internet connection , the privacy we want, etc.

Well, at the same time we must bear in mind that the application presents us with parameters both for new users and for the most advanced in the field. Once we know all this, it is worth mentioning that most of the functions that we can adjust in this case, we will find in the Options / Preferences menu.

Configuracion principal uTorrent

In the left part of the window we see the different categories that we can use in this regard. Perhaps one of the most common on a day-to-day basis, is the one that allows us to adjust the bandwidth to be used by uTorrent , the number of users that we will allow, or set speed limits . Well, this is something we find in the Bandwidth section of the menu option discussed above.

Ancho de banda torrent

Also from this same section, another parameter that we must take into account is that of the folders that Torrent will use for content management. Thus, we must know that we can customize those disk locations from the Folders section. With everything and with it, as we will see, we have many other configuration options that we can use as the use of the program increases and we realize that we need them.

Carpetas utorrent

Versions and how to download uTorrent

At this point, we will say that this client for downloading torrent files has several versions that work locally, as well as an online one. If we refer to the latter, to say that its developers launched uTorrent Web a few years ago, a platform to use the full power of the client, but through any Internet browser.

This, as you can imagine, opens up a wide range of possibilities when using this download software. But in this case, if we focus on local customers , to say that we have both paid and free versions. Everything will depend on the use we make of the application, since we can opt for the Basic version, which is free, or for Pro, Pro + VPN or Ad-Free.

Precios utorrent

A large part of the changes between free and paid ones, is based on the elimination of advertising. To this is added a better management of bandwidth in Ad-Free, or the incorporation of a VPN service in the most advanced. Thus, prices range from 4.95 euros a year to 69.95.

With everything and with it, once we have opted for one of them, we can get the uTorrent download file from this link .