How to use SkyTransfer and share files over the Sia network

The use of the cloud, the ability to easily send and receive files over the Internet, has gained significant weight in recent years. There are many services that we can use. There are also different types of options, such as the private or public cloud. In this article we are going to talk about SkyTransfer , a very interesting service to share files in a decentralized way on the Internet. It is based on the Sia network and one of the most important peculiarities is that everything is encrypted. We already know that privacy is a factor that we must preserve at all times and not have problems.

use SkyTransfer and share files over the Sia network

Why Encrypted File Sharing Is Important

When we use the Internet to share data , files and any type of information, we must bear in mind the importance of avoiding problems. We must not use any unreliable program or service that we cannot trust. Otherwise, anyone could have access to our personal data, to the content we share.

This is why it is very important to send and receive encrypted files . Not all platforms that are available on the Internet have this function, as we know. Some services allow you to send and receive files that could be intercepted by a third party if you use an insecure network or if a security problem arises.

Luckily we can take into account the option of certain platforms that do encrypt the content we share. In this way we will be able to send and receive files, folders and any type of data, without running the risk of them ending up in the wrong hands. One example is SkyTransfer, which is based on the Sia network and allows fully encrypted file sharing.

SkyTransfer, an option to share files safely

A differentiating point of SkyTransfer compared to other similar alternatives is that it uses the Sia network . It is an open source network that allows users to purchase cloud storage. Basically it uses the capacity provided by the members of that network to be able to store content there.

It is a decentralized service , where we can host content and be able to access it from anywhere. There is both a paid version (there is no time limit for those files to remain there), as well as a free version (we can save files for up to three months).

Therefore, we can say that SkyTransfer is a free service that is based on the Sia network. We can host content and keep it there for three months. In addition, you do not need registration. It is very simple to use. We can save files and share them with third parties in a simple way.

The fact that it is a decentralized service and that it keeps files encrypted makes it very interesting. This way we can prevent them from accessing the content we store and compromising our privacy. But we must also highlight its ease of use and not have to create an account if we do not want to. It works completely from the browser, so we can use it from any computer, regardless of the operating system.

How to use SkyTransfer

We are going to explain how we can use SkyTransfer and be able to share files in a simple and fast way. In addition, as we have indicated, our data will be protected and we will not have any problems.

The first thing we have to do is enter the official website . There we will find a first screen where we will see the option to upload files. Also, at the top, we will find some options that we can take into account.

Usar SkyTransfer Uploading files to SkyTransfer is very easy. As we see in the image above, we simply have to drag and drop what interests us. We can also click on the box and a window will open to choose the file. We do not need to install any program, nor do we need to create a user. We will automatically see that the encryption process begins and the file will begin to upload. Keep in mind that it may take more or less depending on its size.

Subir archivos a SkyTransfer

Once the process to upload that file has finished, an image like the one we see above will appear. There it shows us a link that we can share with any user and also a QR code . But if we look closely, we will see that there are two different links (with their corresponding QR code).

One of those links is to directly share that file that we just uploaded and the user can easily download it. The other link is to later upload more files to that directory and we can share it with third parties and have access to all the content.

We can share the link with any user. They do not need to register, or install anything. Simply by opening it in the browser they will arrive at the path where it is located and they will be able to download it directly.

Descargar archivos con SkyTransfer

We can delete that file that we have uploaded at any time. We simply hover the mouse over it and the option to download and delete will appear. We easily delete it and it will no longer be available to anyone.

Create a directory in SkyTransfer

We have explained that we can upload a single file, but also create a directory where to store content so that later users can easily download it. For this we have to click where it says Upload directory . There we will add the files we want.

This is very useful if we are going to save more than one file and we want other users to be able to download them all at once from a single link. We will not need to send a large number of links, but simply a single one that manages everything.

In case we want to clean everything, we simply have to click on New draft, which appears above. Everything we have uploaded will be emptied and we can start again. This applies to both individual files as well as the directory.

In short, SkyTransfer is an interesting service with which we can share encrypted files with other users. We have seen that it is very simple, it does not require any type of installation or registration, in addition to being free. It is based on the Sia network. We can share not only a single file, but also a directory where we can add folders and make them available to other users or even for us to download from anywhere.