How to use floating windows on Huawei phones

Using different applications at the same time is becoming easier on mobile devices, and we not only have a function that allows us this, such as the split screen, but we also have floating windows . For example, to use this last functionality in Huawei terminals with EMUI, you need to enable a specific setting that allows us to use these two methods that we have just mentioned.

We are facing a way that will allow us to do more on the screen of our phone, and best of all, it will be at the same time. In this way, we can make the mobile phone look even more like other devices such as PCs. But, if you still don’t know how to use two applications at the same time without having to resort to the split screen option, here you will find everything you need to get the most out of this software that is integrated into this Chinese brand of phones.

use floating windows on Huawei phones

How are they used?

Although in Android phones we already have for several versions with the PiP function , or also known as Image in Image, the truth is that EMUI began to add a new tool known as Multiple Windows, with which it is improved even more the experience of users when they want to use more than one application at the same time on their mobile devices. To activate it, make sure you have this version, and then follow these steps: Go to Settings> Accessibility features> Multiple windows . Within this we will find a small explanation of this tool. In addition, you will have to enable the Multiple Windows Dock option.

ventanas múltiples en Huawei

Show and close

The first thing of all will be to know how to show an app in a floating window. To do this, we will have to slide our finger in from the left or right edges of the panel and hold down to bring up the Multiple Windows Dock. Afterwards, we will have to click an application icon in the Multi-Window Dock to open the application in a floating window.

If you have already tired of it appearing in this way, or you just want to use an app on your phone, we will only have to click on the X icon that will be in the upper right or left part of the floating window to close it.

Change the size

Once we place a software in this display mode on our Chinese mobile, the truth is that it will not always be in the size that we want , since it will be set to a predetermined one, which can be annoying at times. Therefore, we will always have the option to modify its size. And best of all, it will be so fast that it will barely take a second. To achieve this, we will have to pinch with two fingers from the outside to the inside to make it smaller, or vice versa, to increase its size.

Ventanas flotantes Huawei

Switch between windows

In addition, we can quickly find and change floating windows with the function that allows us to manage them at will. Of course, we must make sure that we have opened more than one to be able to switch between one and the other. Then hit the floating icon to see all their previews. Then we can search through them by sliding our finger up or down to find the preview we are looking for. If we want it to be displayed on the screen, we will only have to click on the one we want to open.

Open a link or file

We also have the ability to open a link or attachment in specific applications, such as an email or notepad, in a floating window . For example, open the email app on your phone, click on a link or attachment by holding down on it. In this way, we will be able to see its interior, but not as one more tab, but rather it will open with this functionality.

Switch to split screen

In the event that we want to go from split screen mode to a floating window on a Huawei mobile, we will have to hold down the bar at the top of the split screen panel and drag it to the left / right side of the panel. . On the contrary, if we want it to be the opposite, we must hold down the bar at the top of the floating window and drag it to the top / bottom of the phone panel.

Why don’t they work?

Like all functionality of mobile devices, it will need different resources of the smartphone system, more than anything, because the fact of running several apps at the same time can lead to some other failure or performance problem that will limit our user experience. And not only this, but we may find that it does not work on our Huawei phone.

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Incompatible apps

One of the main problems will be the compatibility of the applications with this functionality. Despite the fact that the developers of the different apps have had to adapt them to this feature, we still continue to find different software that prevent us from doing so. And although there are many that can be used as a floating window, we miss some outstanding ones such as YouTube or Gmail. Therefore, this may be the problem that prevents us from having a certain combination of open apps.

The dock does not appear

It may also be the case that the dock of the multiple windows of our mobile with EMUI does not appear when we slide in from the left or right side of the touch panel. In this case, it is likely that we have not enabled the function correctly. Therefore, we must go again to Settings> Accessibility functions and verify that the dock switch is activated.

It does not have this function

Finally, if you have not yet purchased which version of EMUI you have on your Huawei phone, it is time for you to check it. Well, the problem that floating windows do not work well with these tricks that we have given you to use it is because they do not have the necessary tool. To have it, you must verify that you have at least EMUI 10.1 , which is the version in which this software tool began to be integrated.