How to use a different sound for each app on Samsung mobiles

Today the sound of notifications or apps is still crucial for many users, although there is also a significant majority who opt for absolute silence. Despite this, we are in a time when mobile phones have become something to live with.

These alerts that we usually receive when someone sends us a text message, we receive an email or we have another different news on the mobile can be customized to have a different sound in each notification and thus be able to differentiate them with the sound. And not only this, but we can vary the audio of the applications themselves.

use a different sound for each app on Samsung mobiles

For this reason, if you have a Samsung Galaxy in your possession, you will be able to take advantage of not only a functionality that is integrated thanks to Android, but we will also have our own options for the One UI layer of the South Korean firm. And all with the aim that we can use a different sound, as well as adjust it to our measure on the mobile device. To do this, we will explain different ways, and you will even have the option of using a third-party app to carry out this process.

For notifications

First things first, so it is time to see how to put different sounds to notifications on a Samsung Galaxy . And it is that the options for the alerts can be changed in each of the apps and, more specifically, in each notification the different apps that we have on the phone of the South Korean brand.

Sonido y vibración Samsung

In addition, the steps will not be very complicated, since it will be mainly to enter its settings by following the different steps that we will explain in detail. Therefore, so that you can guide yourself in the best way, you will have to follow this same process from your Galaxy smartphone:

  1. First, we access the Samsung Galaxy Settings.
  2. Then, we move to the section where it says Notifications .
  3. After this, we must click on the More option that will appear in the recently sent section.
  4. Then, we will enter a menu in which we will see all the applications that we have installed on the mobile device. Therefore, we must click on each of them to access another subsequent menu.
  5. When entering one of the apps, we will see that we will have different options to choose from. For example, if we access WhatsApp we will have the option of Message notifications.
  6. When we click on this option, it will let us choose whether it has sound or put it on silence, although we will have more options.
  7. At the bottom, we will have a Sound option. If we access it, we can choose another tone for each time we receive a message on the phone.

Now that we have accessed the advanced sound options in a certain application of our Samsung phone, we will have at our disposal a series of options that will allow us to continue modifying different aspects related to the audio of the apps.

Independent application sound

Within One UI, we also find our own software option known as Different application sound with which we could easily get. And it is that with just a couple of clicks we will have the option to send the audio of some of the multimedia applications of our smartphone to another external device connected by Bluetooth just by opening them.

To get it on any Samsung mobile , we will have to follow the following steps:

Sonido de aplicación independiente en móviles Samsung

  1. Enter the phone settings.
  2. Tap on the Sound and vibration section.
  3. Select the Standalone App Sound option.
  4. Flip the switch.
  5. Then, click on Applications and choose the ones you want to play on a separate audio device.
  6. Then, you must click on Audio device and select the one that you have paired to your Galaxy mobile.

From now on, the multimedia content that you play from an application such as Spotify will automatically play on the external audio device as long as it is connected by bluetooth to your Samsung.

With SoundAssistant

Personalization is something that users with Samsung mobiles in Spain value, and a lot. It is for this reason that the manufacturer provides us with different options so that we can customize all kinds of aspects on our phone. Therefore, one of the tools that we find to adjust the audio of our mobile device is SoundAssistant. With this software we will have within our reach the possibility of controlling the sound of each app independently.

And, being able to control the audio of each application on the phone individually will be a good help at any time while we are using the mobile. For example, if the videos played on Instagram are too loud, but you don’t want to lower the audio on your smartphone in general. For this reason, we can give it a different sound by configuring it with this tool that the South Korean company has developed itself.

SoundAssistan de Samsung

Previously, it was available for any Android device on Google Play, but now it has become exclusive to the Galaxy Store . In addition, this software allows us to do this with the apps we want on our phone, so we can have individual control over any application. To do this, the steps you must follow will be the following:

  1. When you install it on the Samsung, go to SoundAssistant .
  2. Enter the Volume of applications or Volumes of individual apps section.
  3. Click on the + icon.
  4. It will show us a list of the apps we have on the phone, choose the desired application or applications.
  5. Finally, click on the Add option.

Having selected some of the different apps on your smartphone, from that moment on you will have the possibility to control the volume of these software individually.

An extra option

If you have not been fully convinced by the native option offered by Samsung smartphones, we can always opt for a third-party option to help us change the audio of our mobile apps. And it is that sometimes it is not easy to change the sound of each notification or app.

Fortunately, for us, we find third-party apps like Light Flow, which will allow us to configure it to achieve our goal. This free tool from Google Play can be downloaded from the following link:

We are facing a software that will not only allow us to modify the audio of a Samsung mobile, but also offers us the possibility of customizing the color of the notification LED if our Galaxy has it, in addition to allowing us to place a personalized sound on each application . In this way, we will get to know exactly what notice has reached us on the phone. Therefore, these are the steps you should follow when you have installed it on your mobile:

  1. We open Light Flow, and we give it permission to access our notifications.
  2. Then, we will click on the floating button ‘+’ to add an application from the list that will appear.
  3. Then, go to the app that we have added and click on Default ringtone.
  4. Finally, we will have to choose the tone that we want> OK.

In addition, one of its strengths is that it will let us use music or audios from the Samsung memory, yes, we must grant the necessary permission to the app itself so that it can be able to access the internal memory of our terminal.