What is USB Debugging Mode for Android and How to Use it

Android is an open source operating system and thanks to this, developers and expert users can mold it to their liking. Among the options offered by our mobile, but which is less within sight’s reach, is the so-called “USB Debugging” . This is a feature that is initially intended for developers, but which can be accessed by anyone.

USB Debugging Mode for Android and How to Use it

On our site we usually bring you various tutorials, which squeeze our mobile far beyond the initial options offered by the different manufacturers. However, we will always have to act with caution and not go into gardens that can make our mobile useless. Everything that involves making adjustments designed for developers, have a risk that each one must assume.

What is it and what is it for?

USB Debugging Mode is a very useful or almost essential function for developers, but it can also be for all users. Its activation allows communication between our mobile and the computer. Its objective is to debug the different applications, so that a developer can interact with the device in real time, without having to use the development console.

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Activating USB debugging allows you to use the ADB tools, with which you can use these, install APK files stored on your PC on the phone, move files from one place to another and, as we say, see the mobile logs to detect debugging errors. ADB and Fastboot commands can also retrieve a locked mobile even when we have trouble turning it on. In the past, USB Debugging was even used to take screenshots, before Google enabled it on Android using the key combination that we now consider normal.

Mobile / Computer Communication

As we say, being active, we can exchange data between the computer and the mobile. In this way, applications can be installed without receiving notifications or to read registry data. In other words, a tool that every developer uses to control their software.

Not root

We are not talking about rooting Android, but it is true that it allows us to interact more with the system interface . It is not recommended that USB debugging be activated at all times, since it can be exploited by malware as a gateway to our mobile and many of our personal data. When activating USB debugging, a message will indicate that the option is only indicated for development activities.

Your activation

In order to activate the option, we will have to go to the Settings / About device menu and then go down until we see “Compilation number”. We will have to touch it several times in a row until the message “Now you are a developer” appears, but do not believe it … The next step is to return to the initial screen and select “Developer options” that now appears in the Settings. Once inside we will see the option “USB Debugging” that we can now activate.

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