USB Connection Problems on Huawei Phones: How to Fix it

Among the most common problems that we can find with our mobile, many of them have to do with the connectivity section. One of the most common is when the terminal does not recognize the USB . Huawei phones are also not safe from this problem, whose solution is many times easier than it seems.

It is not uncommon that when connecting the mobile to the USB it does not charge or is not recognized by the computer. On many occasions we blame the mobile, but some adjustments in the options of the device or the mere fact of carrying out a series of checks, will make us find the problem to be able to solve it.


USB problems

Although as we say the causes can be several, the common denominator is that our mobile does not recognize the USB connection, that is, we can not even charge the device or connect it to the PC to transfer files.

USB port is dirty

The first check should go to the side of the microUSB or USB Type-C port itself, depending on the model of our Huawei mobile. One of the most common reasons why we may have a problem with the USB port is that it contains dirt.

Dust usually accumulates inside, to such an extent that it can cause a plug that prevents proper connection. To do this, we can clean it with a pin or other fine utensil, and insert it into the port to remove all the dirt.

Check charger and cable

We must make sure that the problem is neither in the charger nor in the cable. For this we will have to disconnect and reconnect them, in addition to alternating it with some other cable and charger to rule out that this is not the problem. It is also advisable to use the original charger and try another different outlet.

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When connected to the computer

Another of the most common mistakes is that the computer does not recognize our Huawei mobile when connected to the PC. In many cases it is solved by connecting the Android phone to the computer in MTP mode.

Activate MPT Mode

To do this, when we connect the mobile to the computer, a notification will appear in the drop-down menu of our mobile. From now on we will only have to touch to activate the USB connection and select “Use USB to … transfer files (MTP)”.

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Install the Drivers

If this does not work, it is possible that the PC does not have the drivers of our device installed or updated . In that case we must download ADB drivers, from this link . Once installed, we restart the computer and the problem should be resolved to run smoothly.

Access Project Menu

This method allows to determine if the USB port of the phone is the cause of the problem due to internal damage. To do this, we access our mobile phone while it is connected with the USB cable and enter the following sequence: * # * # 2846579 # * # * Then we enter ProjectMenu / Background settings / USB port settings / Manufacturing mode “ and enable the mode Manufactory Now in the computer, we must check if the entries of the Android PCUI adapter and the reserved DBadapter interface are displayed in Device Manager / Ports. If not, the most likely is that the USB port of our Huawei mobile is damaged and we need the assistance of a repair technician.

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USB debugging

Another possibility is that our mobile phone appears on the computer as a drive letter, but shows no files. In that case we must go to Settings / System / About Phone and About Phone . Now we will have to access the developer options, which are activated by pressing seven times on the “build number”. If a connection error occurs when USB Debugging is enabled, we must try to remove and reconnect the USB cable. problem continues, we disable and activate USB Debugging again to see if the problem is solved.