Update your NETGEAR router or repeater now, there is a critical failure

One of the security problems that our devices can suffer is when a vulnerability appears. Hackers can exploit this flaw and gain access to passwords, personal data, or simply cause your computer to go haywire. In this article we cover several critical vulnerabilities affecting Netgear devices . Here we can name routers and also repeaters. It is important to correct these errors to avoid problems.

Serious vulnerabilities in Netgear

Update your NETGEAR router or repeater now

Netgear is one of the best known manufacturers of routers and network devices . There are many models of Wi-Fi repeaters, Mesh systems, PLC… Therefore, when a vulnerability arises it can affect many users and it is important that they are informed and can take action before it is too late.

According to an alert launched from Incibe-cert , multiple firmware versions are affected by a series of critical vulnerabilities that affect Netgear devices. In total, there are two critical vulnerabilities that can put the security of the devices at risk.

These vulnerabilities are of the authentication bypass and pre-authorization command injection type. Basically it means that a hypothetical hacker who manages to exploit any of these vulnerabilities on an affected device could execute code in an arbitrary way, without the need to authenticate.

It affects many Netgear devices. For example we can name the RBK352, RBK752 or RBK852 Mesh systems. There is also a long list of affected Wi-Fi repeaters, such as EX7320, EX7700 or EX8000. You can see the full list and determine if you have any devices that may be vulnerable.

These vulnerabilities have been detected by a group of security researchers from wtbw . You must bear in mind that as soon as a security flaw is disclosed and is publicly available on the Internet, hackers can quickly start exploiting it and that is when we must take measures so that this does not happen.

What to do to solve the errors

As with many other vulnerabilities that we can find on the network, when using devices or services of all kinds, it is essential to have everything updated . You should update your Netgear devices and install the latest firmware available to fix potential security issues and improve performance.

You can go to the Netgear support website . There you will find the latest version of the firmware available for each of the devices of this brand. You just have to find out exactly the model of your router, Wi-Fi repeater, Mesh system or whatever you have and put it on the bar, as it appears in the image.

Actualizar dispositivos de Netgear

This will automatically take you to the page for that device and you will see a button that says Downloads . You can also see possible security notices, documentation, etc. Clicking on Downloads takes you to the section to see the latest version of the available firmware and thus download it. In addition, if there is a mobile application for that product, you can also download the latest version.

Descargar actualizaciones de Netgear

In short, as you can see, it is very easy to get the latest versions of Netgear devices and be able to correct these serious vulnerabilities that have appeared. The goal is to ensure that security is always present and there are no problems. There are vulnerability scanners that they can use to find bugs and attack us.